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Apps to Help You Unwind in 2021

We’ve been through this before, but this lockdown is the perfect time to really focus on you and how you’re feeling, via some amazing apps that are all aimed at keeping you calm and less anxious about what’s ahead. 

#SelfCare App

Throughout lockdown games such as the hugely popular Candy Crush gave us access to their products and tons of extras, such as ‘free’ lives –meaning we could continue playing for hours on end without losing our lives. However, games like this are often all about winning and keeping score. While it’s a good distraction, in its own way, it can also make us anxious.
 #SelfCare is the app you need if you just want a beautiful app that helps you relax and de-stress. The creators of the game say they want people to turn the everyday, such as doing laundry and petting the cat, into rituals that can help us feel calmer, but also help us build resilience towards whatever we are facing in life. As we’re unable to spend all day in bed, even though at times we really want to, the visual focus in the app is someone lying in bed. As you enter the app you can choose to zone out watching colourful bubbles, pet the cat – who is there to show you that you’re not alone – or you can choose a tarot card that leaves you with a single phrase to muse over throughout the day. 

Who would love this app? Creative colourists would appreciate the beauty and the colours featured in #SelfCare, but anyone can benefit of taking a few minutes of peace, wherever they are.

Download here


This game is surprisingly minimalist but immediately engrossing. It works as a kind of distraction that is by no means stressful. Okay? features a very simple design with neutral tones and the goal is to simply wind down. Essentially you spend time removing different white blocks from the page and each time you ‘touch’ or ‘strike’ one with the little black ball, you create a musical note. As you keep attempting to remove the blocks and shapes you end up making a little musical tune from the notes. It’s very soothing and calming, and you can also pay what you like for the game.

Who would love this app? Salon owners and freelancers who have had enough of number crunching for the day.

Download here


It’s likely that you’ve heard of Headspace before – over 70 million people have used the app so far –  and it’s managed to stay relevant during lockdown and is now available to all on Netflix in the form of a new series. Now you and your family members can all wind down together by doing a series of breathing exercises via the Headspace Guide to Meditation. Whether you’ve always wanted to build a meditation practice or are interested in the science behind it, or just want to relax this is a great ticks-all-boxes series! On the app’s website it claims that after just 10 days usage your happiness increases by 16% - that must be worth a try, right?

Who would love this app? Anyone currently working from home and doing the kids’ homeschooling. 

Download here

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