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How I Got Here

This year has really given us a lot of time to reflect, reminisce and review. So, we've spoken to some incredible hair & beauty professionals who have become the best at what they do, sharing how they got to where they are today.


Dom Seeley

 Dom is the International Creative Director at Color Wow and hairstylist to the stars. His celebrity client list includes Kendal Jenner, Jessica Alba and Huda Kattan. Dom has over 12 years of experience in the industry and his expertise has gained him A-star status.

Watch Dom’s episode on IGTV.


Samantha Cusick

Sam is the founder of the Samantha Cusick Salon based in London. She's best known for her perfect beach waves and incredible colour transformations We caught up with Sam on why she got into hair and her inspirations.

Watch Samantha’s episode on IGTV.


Andy Smith

Andy is a global ambassador for Indola as well as a creative director freelancer at Billi Currie Salon, Marylebone, London. Andy shares what made him venture into hair and what his fave products are.

Watch Andy’s episode on IGTV.


Rianna Henry

Rianna is a freelance hairdresser based in London. Rianna known as ‘the blow-dry artist’ on Instagram, shares when she decided she wanted to work with hair.

Watch Rianna’s episode on IGTV.



Karoliina Saunders

Karoliina is a professional stylist & salon owner who has worked for brands such as Burberry, Valentino and D&G. She shares up and coming trends for 2021 and how she moved from makeup into hair as a young teen.

Watch Karoliina’s episode on IGTV.


Krystal Prince

Krystal is the owner of The Glamour Room based in Essex. Check out how dancing influenced her to move into the beauty industry.

Watch Krystal’s episode on IGTV.


Janine Jay Jennings

Janine is the Head of Education at ghd for the UK & Ireland. Working with hair as a teen, see how her career has taken off.

Watch Janine’s episode on IGTV.


Marlon J Hawkins

Marlon is a part of the senior artistic team at Brooks and Brooks Salon based in London. With 10 years of experience in the salon industry and incredible product knowledge, see how Marlon got to where he is today,

Watch Marlon’s episode on IGTV.



Amy Gaudie

Amy is the founder of the Urban Chic salon based in Brisbane Australia. Having played with hair all her life, check out how her journey to salon owner has been.

Watch Amy’s episode on IGTV.


Rino Riccio

Rino is the head of education at the salon Manifesto based in London. He tells us the ups and downs of his time in the industry.

Watch Rino’s episode on IGTV


Watchthe whole series of here.


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