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The best hair, nail & beauty influencers to get you through lockdown!

Putting aside the serious issues surrounding COVID-19 for a minute, there’s one major issue that we are all suffering from as we push through week 2 of staying home: boredom.

Spouses and kids are starting to drive us round the bend, we’ve scrolled through every image on every social media newsfeed 3 times and need a break from Joe Exotic because the temptation to buy a tiger is becoming too much.

So, to help ease the tedium and keep you at the top of your game, we’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube channels, Instagram accounts and blogs for interesting hair, beauty and nail tutorials. Grab your tablet and headphones, head to the nearest room in the house with a lock on the door and enjoy!



Sarah Angius

Sarah is a superstar in the world of hair and beauty blogging and her 4 million followers would no doubt agree. On her Instagram, you’ll find mostly hair related tutorials and looks, but over on YouTube you can also expect makeup and skincare tutorials as well as personal vlogs. Total life goals.


Mane Addicts

Mane Addicts is your new favourite hair blog. Full of how to’s and inspiration, Mane Addicts was created by Jen Atkin. That might not mean a lot to you, but her list of clients certainly will: the Kardashians, Chrissy Teigan and Gigi Hadid are all on her list of regulars. We must warn you though, this blog is the hairdressing equivalent of falling in to a YouTube rabbit hole – once you’re in, kiss goodbye to the to-do list.


Brad Mondo

So Brad is less informative, but by far the most entertaining channel in this article. From hilarious videos of his reactions to terrible hair choices to hair makeover and colours videos, it’s easy to see how Brad has amassed nearly 4.5 million subscribers and over 630 million views. Yes, six-hundred-and-thirty-million – that’s nearly 10 times more views than the population of the UK! If you’re in need of a laugh to brighten up these tough times, then Brad is your man.





Desi Perkins

Desi has something for everyone, which is probably how she attracted over 250 million views on her YouTube videos. She releases new videos every week, and has a back catalogue of hundreds of makeup tutorials and product reviews, transformation makeup videos and even the occasional hairstyle that should keep you busy for a while!


Holly Boon

UK-based Holly is an up and coming star in the beauty influencer industry, with a touch of fashion advice on the side. She says her name is Boon, but we are pretty sure she’s a secret Kardashian – check her out and you’ll see exactly what we mean! Someone say #capitalcrush?


CC Clarke

Another of our homegrown beauty bloggers, CC has a huge following for her beauty tutorials but has another hidden talent that is unique amongst all of our favourite follows – she’s a popstar! So, when you want a palette cleanser in between beauty tutorials, you can watch her music videos. I guess that’s one way to become a makeup artist to the stars – become one yourself!




Nail Couture Lincoln

With over a 100 workshops carried out and over 10 years teaching experience, Nail Couture Lincoln are definitely one to follow for nail tips and advice. They’re also brand ambassadors for our friends over at The Manicure Company.



The Manicure Company

Speaking of The Manicure Company – their Instagram is filled with great nail examples using their amazing range. All of their images and videos include details of the products used to make it super easy to carry out the tutorials at home. We have the complete range over here.

We’ll admit it, we are totally biased when it comes to The Manicure Company but with good reason and all we can say is sorry, not sorry!


Who would make your list of favourite follows? Tag us on social @capitalhair with your suggestions and send us any pics of you trying new tutorials out.