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Why Olaplex is the Key to Healthy Hair

Since its launch in the UK in 2014 Olaplex has grown to be a massive industry favourite and clients all over know exactly what to ask for when it comes to something that is going to make their hair healthier, stronger and more beautiful. Since then the brand has launched several other products, including a conditioner, smoothing cream and shampoo and all have gone on to achieve cult status. Here journalist Charisse Kenion finds out from industry pro’s Rhianna Henry and Deborah Johnson why Olaplex is here to stay.

Believe the hype

For freelance stylist Rhianna Henry, the results of using of Olaplex told her that the brand was about more than industry hype.

“When I first used Olaplex personally it was No.1 and No. 2 which are for professional use only and can be added to colour, relaxer, and keratin treatments. I have to admit I was sceptical but that soon changed.

“I decided I would use it on all of my clients for one week, adding it to relaxers and keratin treatments, and I also encouraged them to use No. 3 at home in between services to see if we could really see a difference. Within 12 weeks I could see the hair was stronger, shinier and healthier.”

Why it’s a go-to

For PR and co-salon owner Deborah Johnson, Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 have become a regular rescue treatment for the clients at SIMPLYGorgeous. 

“We offer it to those who have chemically processed and extremely damaged hair as these tend to be the hair types that have the most structural damage. We also use it as a hair maintenance support during colouring and relaxing services,” says Deborah.

For Rhianna it’s about ease of use and versatility: “since the range has further developed I’m in love with No. 6 and No. 7 – which is my fave for blowdrying and styling as you get 72hr frizz control. Incorporating No. 3 is so easy for clients to do at home, so I always recommend that they apply to the hair just before they go to bed – let it work while you get your beauty sleep!”


There’s a reason that Olaplex has become a favourite; it literally answers every clients’ needs – whether that’s dry, brittle, dull or lifeless hair, Olaplex truly does it all. Rhianna says: 

“Put simply, Olaplex is going to repair the hair and prevent further damage but it goes above and beyond when you consider specific hair types. For instance, on curly hair moisture levels are improved and curls become even curlier and softer. For coloured hair, using Olaplex will result in less damage and the colour will be protected and longer-lasting.”

Deborah agrees, saying that the results are immediate: “After just one use of the Olaplex Luxe Treatment we offer, hair is softer and there’s a lot more durability to the hair when styling which allows for a far better finish.”

Deborah adds: “when the treatments are used on a monthly basis we find the client’s overall hair strength and condition improves, and processing time for some treatments seems to become shorter, and that’s definitely a plus.”

Reap the benefits

So, who is Olaplex for? The short answer is everyone!

Deborah elaborates: “those who chemically process or heat style their hair on a regular basis are ideal candidates as this type of styling tends to break down the bonds of the hair, making it more fragile and with less vitality.” 

Rhianna agrees: “the Olaplex system is a bond multiplier which can benefit anyone: straight hair, curly hair, fine hair, natural hair – any sort of hair with any sort of damage.”

And it’s not just Rhianna and Deborah who love Olaplex! Check out this blog from Balayage Boss Samantha Cusick to see why she loves Olaplex when it comes to her clients:,colour,Balayage,Samantha%20Cussik,technique