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New Year, New Hue


New Year, New Hue


Let's be real, this year we need some positive change like never before.

As artists you have the power to create amazing, confidence boosting hair transformation change with the flick of a tint brush.

Your superpower: the gift of amazing hair.

Make the change that will take your colour game to the next level with Pulp Riot


100% VEGAN

We’re vegan, never tested on animals and everything is recyclable. It's us doing what we need to do as humans.



Higher quality pigments with more concentrated dye loads deposit quicker and are always true to tone



Conditioning ingredients in every product deliver the most incredible, reflective shine and protect hair integrity, even when lightening 8+ levels



Better quality dyes and conditioning means the results will last longer



As our shades fade they become lighter versions of themselves, fading true to tone every time


Our magic formula removes 100% Pulp Riot semi permanent from the hair every time, so you can easily switch it up with your creative colour clients






"Pulp Riot completely changed the game for me. Its given me more confidence as a colourist because I know my colours wont bleed, I can create incredible custom tones, the fade is incredible and I know I can remove them 100% and return to a beautiful creamy blonde with Blank Canvas! Pulp has an amazing ethos and the products being vegan and not tested on animals is important to me."


#1 I did a full head of baby lights: blonde AF + 20 vol processed for 45mins . 

#2 Rinse, shampoo and rough dry 

#3 Take a zig zag star section in equal parts on either side of the parting to create a veil to fall over everything. Mix 50g lilac, 20g mercury and 7g smoke and apply

#4 Take the first 2 sections at the front of the hairline on a diagonal back and paint using 40g noir 

#5 Alternate applications of colour across the rest of the sections using 3 different colours until you run out of sections. These are the colours I mixed:

1st colour: 40g Seaglass, 10g smoke & 10g Mercury

2nd colour: 40g Powder, 10g smoke 

3rd colour: 30g blush, 5g smoke, 15g cleopatra

Moonshine Melt by @Hellsbellshair








"I'm absolutely obsessed with Pulpriot. The fact they're 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free with fabulous results is just a dream come true for me! Even when working with the acidic (semis) and alkaline (toners / Faction8) products together the blend is still AMAZING with incredible results. This product has changed my way of transforming clients hair and it can only get better!"


#1 With this grey to yellow combination I went in with lightening her 6 week regrowth with Blonde AF

#2 Once lightened to my desired lift, I then went in on damp hair with Faction8 12.11 & High Speed Toner in Icy ( 1:3 ) then 1-1 ratio 10vol

#3 Once all the roots were covered I then melted the roots straight into Firefly & Clear in the Semi Permanent range.

Chameleon Bangs by @LauraMayStevensHair



"I completely trust the products through and through! The colour results are incredible and long lasting , the lift I can achieve is insane and the conditioning properties of the products are out of this world, which is super important during all hair transformations but especially with colour corrections!“



#1 I pre-lightened the roots with BlondeAF & 15 vol (10 vol & 20 vol together ) 


#2 I cleansed the ends with Blank canvas, which is our safe colour remover: mixed this with our 6 vol. I did this to create a nice even canvas for the new colour.


#3 Once all rinsed off I pre-toned the hair with our Icy & Silver high speed toners. I mixed 10g Icy and 5g Silver at a ratio of 1:4 with our 6 vol and left this for 10 mins.


#4 I shampooed out and dried to 100 % dry ready for semi permanent application. 


#5 For the purple I mixed 150g Nevermore, 100g Lilac, 50g Velvet & 20g Nemesis. For the yellow I mixed 30g Firefly and 30g Lemon, 10g Clear 


#6 I left this for 40 mins and rinsed with cold water and a high pressure, no shampoo and finished with conditioner 


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