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New Indola PCC

We are standing by YOUR side, always innovating and celebrating you and our mutual love for colour. 

We understand your individual needs as an entrepreneurial salon or hairdresser.

That´s why we provide you with outstanding colouration performance in a compact & intuitive assortment that enables you to perform more services with less products, without compromising on quality and creativity. And because we breathe colour just like you do, we have been dedicating our know-how and creativity to always inspire you with new street style looks. From business support to education, we aim to build real partnerships, at great value for money. Colouring with INDOLA can help save you a fortune.

Our Technologies

The combined action of PCC & CREAM DEVELOPERS delivers optimised colour results.

Micro-dye molecules and amino acids penetrate deep into each hair for unrivalled true colour without compromise and up to 100% coverage. The full caring benefits of this system are unlocked by the cationic care agent in our CREAM DEVELOPER.
• Permanent, vivid colour results
• Long lasting colour retention
• Beautiful shine
• Up to 100% coverage


The transformer technology converts permanent shades into demi-permanent with a simple (1:1) mixing ratio. The colour result is flawless from roots to tip, resulting in shiny and healthy looking hair.

Choosing the right colour

STEP 1: Identify your clients hair condition to determine which colour services are feasible and which are not.
• Are the roots, mid-length and ends currently in a virgin condition, coloured or treated with a form product?
• Is the condition of your client´s hair normal, porous or extremely porous? For  extremely porous hair, consider performing a strand test first.

STEP 2: Determine the current colour of your clients hair
• Identify depth and tonal direction.
• Identify white hair percentage.

STEP 3: Create a personalised colour recipe of your clients hair. Take into consideration that the roots and mid-lengths are not always in the same condition and might be treated with different colour mixtures.

What is the desired target level?
• If you want to go lighter, how many levels of lift do you want to achieve?
• Which developer strength is needed to achieve the desired level?
• What is the underlying pigment and do you want to enhance or replace it?


Wear suitable gloves.
Always apply to dry, unwashed hair.

Virgin hair application / Global application -
• Mix PCC shade together with CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1).
• Apply mixture evenly to dry mid-length and ends.
• Leave to develop for 10 -15 minutes.
• Then apply remaining or freshly mixed mixture to the root area.
• Leave to develop for another 30 minutes.
• Total processing time: 40-45 minutes.

Re-growth application / Dual application -
• Mix PCC shade with appropriate CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1).
• Apply PCC mixture to the re-growth area only.
• Leave to develop for 20-30 minutes.
• Then apply COLOR TRANSFORMER mixture to mid-length and ends and leave to develop for another 5-20 minutes.
• Total processing time: 25-50 minutes.

Root retouch on resistant, coarse hair - 
• Use PCC Intense Coverage shades on virgin bases.
• Mix 1:1 with 9% CREAM DEVELOPER and follow the general application rules.
• Leave to develop for 30-45 minutes. Or subsequent application, use Intense
Coverage shade on re-growth only, and apply the equavalent‚ ‘standard’ shade on faded length and ends.

Subsequent, demi-permanent colouration -
• Mix PCC shade together with COLOR TRANSFORMER (1:1), e.g. 45g 6.4 + 45g COLOR TRANSFORMER
• Apply on re-growth first.
• Leave to develop for 15-20 minutes.
• Then apply on mid-length and ends.
• Leave develop for additional 5-15 minutes, depending on hair structure and desired result.
• Total processing time: 20-35 minutes.

Smart Creatives


Last up to 15 washes* - Depending on hair porosity, and how the colour is maintained at home. We recommend a colour shampoo and conditioner, along with a heat protection spray for maintenance at home.

BOLD RESULTS – ready to use formula, paler the hair brighter & truer to tone shade will be.

PASTEL RESULTS – Mix with Indola Color Treatment for softer results & enhanced care effect, paler the result the shorter the longevity. *8 for pastel lavander


Use Crea-Mix to achieve tailormade permanent or demi-permanent colour results.

Assortment of 5 mix tones and 1 clear tone.
• 5 mix tones provide vibrant results.
• 1 clear tone with 3 functions: Lightening Booster, Tone Softener, Sunkissed Effect (natural hair only).

1. Lightening Booster
• Mix PCC shade together with CREA-MIX 0.00 and CREAM DEVELOPER (1:1:2)
• Use 6% CREAM DEVELOPER for 0.5 levels lift or 9% CREAM DEVELOPER for 1 level lift.

Tone Softener
• Mix PCC shade together with CREA-MIX 0.00 using the rule of 12 mixing ratio.
• Combine with 2% or 6% CREAM DEVELOPER depending on desired lift. Or mix in COLOR TRANSFORMER for a demi permanent result.

Sunkissed Effect (Natural Hair Only)
• Mix CREA-MIX 0.00 with COLOR TRANSFORMER (1:1) to achieve up to 1.5 levels of lift on natural (virgin) hair for a Sunkissed effect.

A soft entry into lightening, perfect for customers new to colouring their hair.