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Majirel: Back to Basics


Are you looking for limitless colour possibilities for your clients? Itching to get creative? We’ve got the perfect product for you. Meet Majirel, our permanent true-to-tone hair colour, that provides rich, deep and intense long-lasting results. Highly concentrated in caring agents and leaving hair to be 45% more conditioned after colour*, Majirel is a first for professional hair colour. Sound good? Then keep on reading to learn more about this iconic product!

The Majirel client is sophisticated and fashionable: they love to follow trends and change up their hair looks. They want a colour that is created just for them. Majirel makes it simple to find the ideal shade for your clients, with colour-coded packaging by reflect that allows you to give your clients the unique looks they are after. With over 150 shades, this range offers limitless colour possibilities, providing you with endless creative opportunities.

Majirel is a true icon and is an essential for your colour cupboard. We all want perfect colour results and a brilliant shine after all, so make sure you are stocked up and prepared for your colour clients! Hair is healthier-looking, giving off a smooth and shiny surface. Just what your colour clients will crave when salons re-open! 

Now that you’ve got to know this iconic product, it’s time to go back to the basics. Here is our guide on how to use Majirel:
1.Your client’s colour journey begins by mixing one 50ml tube of Majirel in a 1 to 1.5 ratio with 75ml of 20 or 30 volume L’Oréal Professionnel Cream Oxydant
2. Apply this to dry, unwashed hair and leave to develop for 35 minutes
3. Once this has developed, rinse thoroughly until water runs clear, then use shampoo & conditioner (we recommend using our haircare products from Serie Expert, such as Vitamino Color- ideal for coloured hair)
Each colour client is unique, so depending on the look they want to achieve, we recommend the below:
• 12.5 vol: 0-1 level of lift- perfect for refreshing mid-lengths and ends
• 20 vol: Up to 2 levels of lightening & darkening colouring on the same depth
• 30 vol: Up to 3 levels of lightening 

We know that we all have different hair looks that we want to achieve, which is why Majirel has got you covered. Each Majirel range boasts a variety of different benefits that can be used for extra client personalisation and long-lasting, healthier-looking hair. Keep on reading to discover more!



If your client is looking to cover their white hair, match for them. Providing up to 100% white hair coverage, it creates limitless colour possibilities with true-to-tone, long-lasting colour results.

This product is highly concentrated in caring agents and is enriched with Ionène G and Incell to strengthen, protect and maintain the integrity of the hair.

Shop Majirel Fundamentals here.




If you want to create tailor-made highlights for your brunette clients for vibrant long-lasting colour results, then Maji Contrast is for you.

This product softly lightens and colours at the same time- the perfect combination!

Shop Maji Contrast here


Is your client longing for an intense, bold red or copper colour that lasts? Then Majirouge is their match made in heaven, creating bright, vibrant and intense red tones. 

Creates true and long-lasting results. Every colour client’s dream!

Shop Maji Rouge here.


Cool Inforced is boosted in cool reflects for a natural and cool beige colour result, perfect for a cool taste of colour. This product is also great for clients who don’t want hair to look brassy in-between colour appointments.

Provides long-lasting results with a superior resistance to fading. Which cool client wouldn’t want to try this?! 
Shop Majirel Cool Inforced here




Perfect for a deep and cool opaque coverage that neutralises natural and unwanted warmth.

You guessed it… more long-lasting colour results! You can see why Majirel is such an icon 😉 

Shop Majirel Cool Cover here


Last but certainly not least, Majirel High-Lift. Providing up to 4.5 levels of lift, this product creates an array of different shades of blonde, from ultra-cool tones to luminous platinum blondes, in only one step.

High-Lift lifts and deposits tone at the same time. Formulated with neutralisation reflects, this product keeps your clients looking and feeling super cool. 

Shop Majirel High-Lift here.