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Know your ABC's - Winter Hair and Beauty Tips

As the changes in weather affect your client’s hair and skin be sure you know which ingredients to recommend to keep them in tip-top condition this Winter.  

The issue: cold outside, warm inside

Winter is here and your clients have probably started using their central heating to fight off the cold. But while it’s keeping them warm, it can massively affect how their skin functions, and even their hair. Central heating gives out very dry heat, meaning that after a few hours, skin can start to feel irritated, itchy and dry; for some it can even start to produce excess sebum, resulting in breakouts. 

The same goes for the skin on your clients’ scalp; both dryness and excessive oiliness can occur and they might find themselves feeling irritated and scratching their scalp more often. Ensure they have regular exfoliating scrub treatments, followed by hydrating masks to ensure the scalp is left feeling soft and the hair is shiny not greasy, and flake-free. 

 The issue: heated tools 

The festive season is that time when even the most simply styled clients often ask for something a bit more special. This often means big blowouts and updos, or for some it’s all about a gorgeous, poker straight finish. Using heated tools isn’t a problem if you’re recommending some solid heat protection options. But if a straightener is your client’s daily go-to, you’ll also need to encourage them to use regular oil treatments and deep hydration masks. Otherwise, the heated tool’s effects, alongside the cold temperatures outside could cause split ends and even breakage. For regular heated tool users, advise them of a regime that not only fortifies and strengthens, but will provide bond care too. Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrates range features the active ingredient of Citric Acid; it’s small enough to enter the hair fibre and leave the hair twice as strong, with weak bonds strengthened and pH balance restored. 

The issue: icy cold temperatures 

While it’s easy to cover-up with cosy cardigans and coats, protecting our skin is a lot more difficult during the winter months. Add to that an increase in existing complaints, such as acne and rosacea, plus chapped lips, windburn, eczema and the so-called winter itch–that feeling you get when your hands and feet are so cold and dry–and your clients’ skin could end up feeling, and looking, less than happy. Now is a time to add warming mani/pedi treatments, hydrating facials and relaxation rituals to your service menu and be sure to check in with your clients to discuss any changes they’ve noticed in their skin. This way you can suggest improvements to their current regime and provide a more bespoke treatment.

Think: G for Glycerin

While new and innovative ingredients and products pop up every other week, there’s nothing like good old Glycerin to keep skin soft and soothed. Glycerin naturally binds to water, meaning it’s perfect for applying on top of your recommended serums and moisturisers to really lock in hydration.

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