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How to keep clients coming back

Let’s face it, we all like to feel special; especially when we step into a salon. Making sure your clients ‘feel the love’ can help encourage repeat bookings, which are key to success in the uber competitive hair and beauty industry. Follow our tips to stand out from the crowd and keep your clients coming back for more.

client multiple treatments

Technical skills:

It may sound obvious, but being great at what you do is imperative to client satisfaction and loyalty. Never stop striving to improve your skill set and keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Fancy updating your current skills or learning a new treatment? Check out our training courses.


Your clients will expect the same great level of service every time they see you. No matter how busy you are or what your mood is, make sure you focus all attention on your client and always be upbeat and professional. If you run a salon with several members of staff, make sure all are trained to an equally high standard so that no matter who the client sees, they get a consistent, quality service.

Be available:

Try to be as flexible as possible when booking clients in for appointments. Obviously, you cannot accommodate people every minute of the day, but squeezing a client in last minute before their holiday or special occasion can really help them out. Hopefully they will be so impressed that they’ll book with you again or recommend you to a friend.

Listen and build relationships:

Have a flick through your consultation cards and remember what treatments your clients have had and what styles, products and colours they liked. Next time they come in, recommend something tailored to their preferences. A good consultation is key to getting to know your clients and building relationships. For more information on how to carry out great consultations, click here.

Customer service:

There are so many ways for you and your clients to communicate – phone, text, email, post and social media. Make sure you reply to clients ASAP in a friendly and professional manner. Make sure complaints are dealt with quickly and calmly. Read our blog on how to deal with client complaints.


Show your clients you prioritise their health and safety by always adhering to strict sanitation and disinfection procedures. Keeping your salon clean, sanitary and tidy is a must at all times.

Make them feel special:

Welcome all clients with a friendly greeting and offer them a drink when they enter your salon. Be attentive throughout their entire visit. Make regular clients feel like part of an elite group by giving them exclusive offers and information and priority booking on new treatments via social media or email. Click here for our guide on making the most of social media.


Recommend retail products to suit your client’s look and personal taste. Run a loyalty scheme where the client receives a free product once they have bought a certain amount. When you start retailing a new product, consider giving out free samples. Click here for our top tips to sell more retail products.

Say thank you:

Reward clients with a loyalty scheme or sporadic discounts and offers to let them know their custom is appreciated. Post or email them a birthday and Christmas card. Word of mouth is still a fantastic form of marketing so always reward them for introducing a new client to your salon.