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Hair cut, style and colour mood boards

Hairdressers, have you ever had a client who came in asking for a drastic change but wasn't sure what cut, style or colour to go for? Odds are you probably have.

We can all be a bit indecisive at times but when it comes to hair, if a client isn't dead certain in their choice, it can all end in tears. To make it easier on both you the stylist, and your client, we've compiled a few inspirational mood boards. These boards contain a mixture of celeb and non-celeb styles and can illustrate what cut or colour you think would work best for them.

Just print out, cut out, show and inspire!

Short hair

Short hair styles mood board

Medium length hair

Mid length hair styles mood board

Long hair

Long hair styles mood board

Hair colour

Hair colour mood board

Images taken from @capitalhair Pinterest.