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Get the Look with NXT

Welcome to the NXT LEVEL

The NXT LEVEL is about utilising some of the most amazing colour products on the market, combining them with years of industry knowledge and knowhow, and giving you the freedom to colour and create looks that are going to last.

Check out our 3 easy to follow step-by-steps below to get the look


Our model Alice, has natural amber tones, the balayage service will enhance and add a natural, sun kissed final look.

Step 1 - We used base shade NXT Permanent Colour 5-0 mixed 1:1 with NXT Créme Developer 10vol/3%, a shade similar to the natural colour and tone of the hair.

Step 2 - Perform a freehand root drag. Then create 4 sections – 2 side and 2 central. Tease roots and gently backcomb.

Step 3 -On each side take 2cm sections and apply a 1:2 mixture of NXT Pro-Tech Bleach and NXT Créme Developer 20vol/6% below the backcombed hair.  Continue this through all sections, alternating with
the base shade.

Step 4 - Allow to develop for 35 minutes, rinse thoroughly and shampoo hair.

Step 5 - Use a brush to apply NXT 8-13 Semi-Permanent Colour to the mid-lengths and ends and allow 20 minutes to develop. Then rinse, shampoo and condition with IQ Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 6 - To style, apply IQ Root Boost and blow dry to achieve the desired look.

Step 7 - Use IQ Style Spray to create control and add shine that lasts all day!


Blonde Highlights

Lauren’s hair had become yellow from previous processing and the everyday wear, tear and pollutants that take their toll on blonde hair. Using NXT Permanent Hair Colour, Lauren’s hair was transformed to a brighter, cooler blonde with a reflective shine.

Step 1 - Mix 1:2 NXT Pro-Tech Bleach with NXT Créme Developer 20vol/6%.

Step 2 - Take sections of hair through the front sides and central section and apply using foils.

Step 3 - Allow to develop for 40 minutes. Remove foils, rinse hair thoroughly and towel dry.

Step 4 - Apply NXT Semi-Permanent Colour 9-01. Apply from root to tip and leave in for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo and condition using IQ No Yellow Shampoo and Silverising Mask.

Step 5 - Section fringe, use a razor to trim fringe at the jawline.

Step 6 - To protect the hair, apply IQ 10-in-One or IQ Blow Dry Cream and blow dry.

Step 7 - Use IQ Clever Dust at the roots to add volume and texture.


Fiery Red

Create beautiful fiery reds with NXT Permanent Colour. Enya, with a naturally copper based tone, was looking for a brighter, bolder look with a beautiful reflective shine.

Step 1 - Prepare the colour. Mix NXT Pro-Tech Bleach with NXT Créme Developer 10vol/3% ratio 1:2 (for the foils). Mix NXT Permanent Colour 7-4 with NXT Créme Developer 20vol/6% ratio 1:1 for global colour application.

Step 2 - Section the hair in a diamond formation ready for the colour application.

Step 3 - Use foil strips to apply the Bleach mix to 4 sections on each side of the head from the front to the back.

Step 4 - On the remainder of the hair, apply the global application colour 7-4 with NXT Créme Developer 20vol/6% from root to tip.

Step 5 - Allow to develop for 35 minutes, then thoroughly rinse.

Step 6- Use a brush and freehand technique to apply NXT Semi-Permanent Colour 7-43 to the highlighted sections of the hair, and leave in for 20 minutes. Then rinse, shampoo and condition using IQ Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 7 - Towel dry hair and apply IQ 10-in-1 spray treatment and comb through.

Step 8 - For protection and added shine, start with a pound coin size dose of IQ Blow Dry Cream, distributing throughout the hair. For thicker, longer hair you may need more product. Then blow dry to style.

Step 9 - Apply IQ Hairspray to hold the look in place.