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Balayage is the most popular service with clients, being the #1 service searched on Google with over 2.7M mentions*. In French, Balayage means to sweep or paint. It’s a freehand hair colour technique that gives a really blended natural lightened result with minimal regrowth.

So, do you know the secret to a beautiful French Balayage?

In fact, it lies in two steps…and L’Oréal Professionnel have all the tools.

Step 1: Bring on the Balayage with Blond Studio

Create a multi-dimensional balayage with Blond Studio, a toolbox specifically designed for creating whatever blonde results you desire and providing up to 8 levels of lift! From subtle highlights to more drastic balayage, your professional technique will bring an element of radiance and bespoke results to each of your clients.

Personalise your service further with an additional step to create an iconic French Balayage that your clients will love.

Step 2: Brass off with a gloss

Follow the balayage with a Dia Light Gloss to create subtle, natural-looking hues. This service can take as little as 5 minutes to personalise your clients result whether they opt for a cooler look or something more bronzed, whilst bringing shine & care to you hair. Glossing with Dia Light, an acidic tone on tone formula is perfect to balance the hair after a lightening process. The optimal closing of the cuticle, ensures improved hair cosmeticity and as the light reflects more evenly off the hair, it makes the overall surface shinier and the texture softer.

French Balayage & Gloss: not just for blondes

It’s often thought that a balayage is just for blondes. Not true! The French Balayage & Gloss service can also be a perfect fit for brunettes. Adding light to any hair colour whether that may be subtle highlights or more contrasted balayage.

With a vast colour palette from nude to ash or iridescent shades, Dia Light is the perfect toner for Blondes & Brunettes.

Play with the gloss to personalise your French Balayage looks for no more brass and way more shine.

Our best-selling Gloss Palette for personalisation


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