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Everything you need to know about bridal lash services

You’ve got the hair sorted, the nails are good to go, but there’s one thing missing from your client’s perfect bridal look; lashes! Make no mistake, lashes are important for the big day. Even if the bride wants to go au naturale, most clients will need a helping hand to achieve a flawless lash look to ensure that their eyes sparkle for their wedding day. Ruth Atkins, Salon System Educator and lash specialist, discusses bridal lash looks and shares her top tips…

What should brides take into consideration when choosing their lashes?
The lashes chosen for a bride should be virginal in style and as natural as possible. They also need to last the whole day and night, be tear proof, kiss proof and the last thing on the brides mind during their big day. 

Which lash styles are best for brides and why?
Salon System’s Marvelash semi-permanent eyelash extensions would be my choice for a bride these lashes are the most natural looking, are completely comfortable, weightless and are not fazed by tears. What’s more, they will last through the honeymoon. If this type of lash is not for your client then go for Salon System’s ultra-natural, bulb free individual lashes. Not as enduring as Marvelash, but the individual still have great staying power. If you don't want any lash commitment then opt for a quick and easy strip lash from Salon System's Naturalash Natural range; hand made from real hair, these soft delicate lashes will fit snugly on the eyelid. They can be easily whipped off and a heavier style applied for the reception and evening or layered over the daytime lash. 

How can salons / therapists market their bridal services effectively?
A wedding is not just for the bride and groom - a salon should consider the other guests when creating wedding beauty offerings. For example, salons and therapists could extend beauty treatments to the bride’s wedding guests, offering them discounted treatments or packages. This is something the bride could arrange with the salon and create a wedding guest list months in advance. You could even offer an alternative hen night, such as a blissful evening of relaxation and calm, or treatments like waxing, spray tans, nails and make up that will give instant results ahead of the big night out. Cater for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids too; as they are all different ages, they will want a variety of treatments. 

How can make-up services be packaged and promoted? Can you create wider bridal packages?
Attending wedding fairs, advertising within bridal dress shops and adding packages for the groom and his male guests are all ways beauty professionals can attract bridal parties. Think of a wider audience and include treatments for them. Everyone makes an effort for the wedding day. Men will often want their ears and noses waxed as well as other treatments such as male manicures and pedicures. 

Furthermore, second weddings and couples already cohabiting either often feel awkward about supplying a gift list to guests or don’t require traditional wedding gifts as they already have a house set up, so a salon could create an alternative list where the couple could have pampering and relaxing treatments together. All guests will want to give something so this would be an ideal way to do so without it being unwanted or materialistic. 

Any additional tips on lashes for brides?
Don't leave it until the last minute. Experiment and practice with lashes to find one that suits the bride best. If your client is having a more permanent lash, it’s useful for them to already have been wearing them and had at least one infill so they know exactly how they will feel and manage them on the big day. Brides will often opt for Marvelash extensions and then at night-time, apply a Naturalash Strip Lash over the top. This is completely safe to do and adds extra oomph to the eye for a glamorous evening look. Just like you would add make up to go 
from a day to night look - you can do the same with lashes.