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Colour with Robert Eaton

Robert Eaton is the Technical Director for Wella Professionals UK & Ireland, so let's just say he knows everything worth knowing about colour! Here, he shares his favourite summer looks and how he manages client expectations.

What's your favourite way to update a client's colour for summer? 
We often find that our clients like to change their hair seasonally, so we feel it's our responsibility to keep them updates with the latest trends and new tones within the hair colour world. We often create salon moodboards and colour hair wefts and wigs to bring to life the seasonal colour trends. Now, with the huge amount of micro trends seen on Instagram and other social media platforms, there has never been a more exciting time for a colourist within our industry. 

How do you manage unrealistic expectations when it comes to a clients' hair colour transformation? 
This has become a huge problem for us within the industry, as client expectations have risen more and more over recent years. For us at Russel Eaton, it's very much about managing client expectations particularly when it comes to creating colour transformations and educating them on the time involved in creating that look. Consultation is key in this process and all of our team members, including front of house, are educated to a high level to help ensure clients understand what is involved in the various services we provide. We also create a consultation hand-out sheet which goes into more detail on what can be expected for a client's visit to our salon. 

What's your favourite colour trend coming through for Summer 2019? 
It has to be working with modern pastel shades - including the watercolour trend, where we dilute pastel hair colours to give a glaze or wash of colour. We're also loving creating bespoke, individual and more 'lived-in' pastel tones. The boundaries of hair colour trends have really changed now so we no longer just follow one or two trends; we often incorporate with many micro trends on our clients now, which makes things much more exciting as a colourist. 

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