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A great manicure requires a perfect filing technique

Good filing techniques are a vital factor in Manicure or Pedicure. Regular filing will not only ensure your nails keep their shape but will keep them healthy too. No matter how long or whatever shape your client likes to wear their nails, correct filing techniques helps to maintain the condition of your nails.

nail filing

Natural nail filing

Never use any less than 180grit file on Natural Nails.

A good tip which is seldom used is to file the nails even before you remove the nail polish. Polish acts as an adhesive on the nails, helping to reduce splitting or breaking. Because of the contrast in colour, using this technique will also enable you to see the tip of the nail better. Once you have the correct length and shape, remove nail polish.

If the nails are very fragile and weak it’s advisable to file natural nails in one direction. Filing back and forth can cause too much friction and can create too much heat causing the thin layers of fragile nails to separate.

Sealing the edge of the nail

It's essential to finish your filing by "sealing the edge" of the nails before applying polish. When you're satisfied with the length and shape, run the file down the nail's edge. This makes the tip smoother and helps prevent any snags or tears.

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