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Winter Glow-Up

It's time for a Winter Glow-up!


Winter is rolling in, cold dark nights and frosty mornings are here, so it’s time to nourish the skin from head to toe! Check out our top tips to pass on to clients and keep them glowing even longer.

The scalp is one area that often gets overlooked. In the Summer months we either cover it up with a hat, submerge it in chlorine or stress it out with heat exposure and holiday colour. Now’s the time to encourage your clients to see scalp massage and exfoliation as a regular part of their hair routine. Massage stimulates blood flow and is also said to help encourage growth, while exfoliation clears away dead cells and dandruff and leaves the scalp clean and healthy.

Why not: add a scalp massage for your facial clients, or if you’re a hairdresser, consider adding a scalp exfoliating treatment while your clients at the backwash?

While we’re definitely paying more attention to what we put on our faces, it’s inevitable that we undergo some skin stress during the summer months, thanks to the sun, pollution and staying up for longer. Now is a great time to assess your clients’ needs and find out what their concerns are. For many, hyperpigmentation will be a big issue, so consider bringing in Vitamin C treatments to your menu.

Other clients might be dealing with acne – something which can often be aggravated by the warmer months, or the fact that they might have overindulged a little. Give them a skin assessment and look at skin-plumping hydra-facials and gentle detoxifying treatments. For clients who need more in-depth help, always advise them to visit a dermatologist as they might need a targeted prescription. 

Also, you might get some clients coming to you to ask about facials that tone and sculpt the skin; that’s all down to the rise of invasive treatments such as buccal fat removal, a treatment that gives a super sharp jawline. Learning new techniques like buccal fat massage – also known as internal contouring –  means you could provide a more natural solution.

Why not: review your current facials menu? Skincare technology is improving every day, so it might be time to train in something new to ensure you’re able to offer your clients everything they need.

Skin is the body’s largest organ and is constantly renewing itself, but sometimes it needs a little extra help. Lately, exfoliating all over has become a huge focus for skincare influencers, and it makes so much sense. Exfoliating not only removes dry dull skin, it also provides the perfect clean canvas to allow all those nourishing lotions and oils to sink into the skin and really do their job. You can go as state of the art as you like, or you can keep it natural by using salt crystals and sugar in your treatments. Either way, if you don’t already have a body exfoliating service on your menu, then you need to scrub up now!

Why not: add a detoxifying wrap to your exfoliating treatment? It’s a great add-on service that means extra profit for you and extra time for your clients to de-stress and unwind.

Feet seem to be a seasonal concern, as clients will likely worry about how they look from June ‘til September, and then go back to covering them up. But pampered feet mean happy feet, and the skin and nails should never be neglected. As previously mentioned, exfoliation is key to ensuring skin looks as healthy as possible and is able to take in smoothing oils and creams, and feet are no different. Also, encouraging regular pedicures means ingrown nails and foot ailments such as Athlete’s Foot and verrucas are kept at bay.

Why not: offer clients a package deal by grouping treatments together? A foot massage, scrub and pedi provides the ultimate in comfort and could be a great treat for group bookings too.

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