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Introducing the L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Longer Micro Trim and Treat Program.


Pro Longer is infused with Filler A-100 and amino acids. Hair is plumped up from the inside and protected and strengthened from the outside. Using this range, there is a 94% hair breakage reduction and 17% visible split ends reduction.*

Serie Expert Pro Longer

By pairing this with a micro-trim service, you can offer a new service proposition to your clients with long hair, which won’t involve cutting off those beloved inches.

A micro trim/invisible hair cut is ideal for clients who want to maintain their length but also to keep their hair in great condition. It’s perfect for your clients that are afraid of anything more than a tiny trim.

During the consultation with your client, ask yourself the following 3 questions to see if they are suitable for a micro-trim:

  1. Do they have visible split ends?
  2. Do they want to keep their length but maintain condition?
  3. Do they have a visible baseline?

Who is our micro trim client?

If yes, then you can begin the micro trim.

There are 2 ways of doing this ‘dusting’ trim, and it’s best to do it on dry hair as this is when the split ends are the most visible.

 Begin by dusting off the baseline. Then choose your technique:

1. Hold between fingers and dust up shaft

2. Twist: this method is ideal for naturally wavy hair or curl patterns. Take sections of the hair, twist it and dust-off ends.

Pair this with the Pro Longer, ends-filling treatment, and your client’s long hair will have visibly fuller lengths and ends. Simply apply the treatment on the lengths and ends for 5 mins pre shampoo, and then rinse with Pro Longer shampoo. For heat protection, apply the Pro Longer lengths renewing cream before blow-dry.

There is even an at home routine so that your clients can continue to maintain their long hair at home. Recommend they use the shampoo and 15ml ends-filling treatment once a week. On other days they can use the shampoo and conditioner/mask.

Pro Longer Shampoo & Conditioner

*instrumental test: shampoo and conditioner

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