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Why You Need To Be A Balayage Boss

Not only is Samantha Cusick a social media wizard when it comes to promoting her business, she’s become known as a Balayage Boss. Here, Samantha shares the reasons why you need to embrace balayage, and why it isn’t going anywhere.

Q: Why is balayage the perfect low-maintenance option for clients still unable to get to the salon?

A: Balayage really has been a blessing for clients at times when they’re unable to see their hairdressers, and it’s down to it being relatively low-maintenance. The way it seamlessly blends with a natural base colour means that clients aren’t left at the mercy of their regrowth – or those dreaded box colours. 

Q: What at-home products should salons be advising clients to use to maintain balayage at home?

A: Even though balayage is a low-maintenance technique in the sense that it doesn’t require bi-monthly trips to the salon, it still requires that clients take care of it at home. I always recommend clients use Olaplex No3 every other week to ensure the condition of their hair is at its best. Healthy hair keeps its colour longer so it’s vital to maintain it for balayage clients –  especially as they can be guilty of not getting their hair trimmed as regularly as perhaps they should! Also, as balayage is essentially a lightening service, it’s prone to the same fade and tone loss as highlight and bleach clients, meaning those beautifully blended lengths can turn brassy. That’s why it’s important that we educate clients on the benefits of colour corrective products. My favourites to recommend are Redken’s Blondage and Brownlights products, depending on the clients’ undertones.  Here at Samantha Cusick London, we also offer a bespoke Olaplex No5 Mask. We blend pigments into the No5 that can neutralise, enhance or create a new tone in the hair, making it easier for clients to look after their hair colour at home.

Q: Can balayage work on any hair length?

A: The very nature of balayage means that it can be tailored to any individuals’ hair length, texture and style. As colourists we are able to paint the hair in ways that are unique to the client’s needs; whether that’s a heavier ‘money’ piece in the front for those who want to enhance curtain bangs, a soft subtle blend for the Rapunzels who just want to add dimension, or a higher blend for those wanting to blonde up their blunt bob.

Q: Any trends or changes for balayage in SS21?

A: I always find that clients are much more reactive to trends and inspiration they see on social media, and this is why balayage will have a firm place in SS21. It’s so easy to update the technique to suit any trend – or micro trend – whether that’s through heavy placement and bigger roots for a ‘90s lived-in look, a soft baby pink toner for a fantasy vibe or simply updating the toner to reflect the season’s must-have hazelnut or baby blonde.

Q: Why is balayage is so enduring?

A: I believe that clients continue to opt for balayage as it fits around the modern lifestyle of busy women. We’d all like to have the time to visit the salon every six weeks for four plus hours, but this isn’t practical for most. Between juggling careers, kids, a busy social life and a global pandemic, time to get our hair done can be a precious commodity. Balayage offers a way to have beautiful hair, painted by your colourist in a way that is specific to you and your hair. Plus, it looks chic every day in between salon visits with minimal maintenance. 

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