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Where to find advice - We’re in this together...

Once again, we’re in a nationwide lockdown and all personal care-related facilities have been told to close. We’ve been through this before, and we will get through it again, but if you need extra advice and support, check out these essential organisations.

National Hair & Beauty Federation

Although the NHBF team is working from home themselves, that hasn’t stopped them from monitoring the coronavirus situation on a daily and weekly basis. Each week they create reports that cover England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. This means the advice and information they put out there is truly up to the minute, and it’s worth adding to your bookmarks online. On the site you will find a dedicated Coronavirus hub full of blogs and updates, for mobile stylists, therapists, salon owners and barbers. From applying the rules to coping with a business downturn, you won’t feel alone.
As well as information, the NHBF also provides 24/7 legal advice, and is there to answer any queries you have via phone and email. 

Capital Online

Did you know that we have a whole host of blog content that caters to every business need you might have? We have collated everything you need, from experts and industry advisors, to bring you advice on everything from adjusting to the New Normal to getting ready for a post-Covid Christmas. Be sure to bookmark for advice, trends and inspiration whenever you need it. Scroll down for some of our most useful business blogs!

British Beauty Council

Over on Instagram the BBC is really pushing and lobbying the UK government to make changes that would help support the hairdressing sector. As hairdressing alone is worth over £6.6billion to the UK, the BBC wants to encourage an industry that currently feels like it’s been forgotten. Following the BBC Instagram means you’ll not only get information, but you’ll feel like you are being seen, and that you’re being listened to. With weekly Lives that focus on everything from mastering social media to how to raise investment, this is a must-follow. Find them at @britishbeautycouncil or visit them at


No one could have predicted the effects of a pandemic. More than six months in, not only are we trying to find practical solutions to financial losses and business worries; we’re also feeling more mental strain than many of us have ever had to deal with before. At times like this, it can be easy or tempting to just opt out, take a few duvet days, but sometimes, it’s better to reach out. There’s definitely some merit in that old saying of ‘a problem shared’. Being at home for prolonged periods of time can leave us feeling bored, lonely and frustrated – and these are all normal feelings. Sometimes a long walk can shake off those thoughts, but sometimes, we really need to talk to someone. Visit to see the NHS recommended mental health charities. 

Hair and beauty business magazines

Industry titles such as Hairdressers Journal and Professional Beauty are keeping their dedicated audiences informed and supported with a wealth of content online. At there are hundreds of articles available, from advice on re-opening in a post-Covid world to how to create video content. On there are stress-busting videos, advice on Christmas retailing and tons of hair collections to muse over. 

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