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What men want in 2014

The men's market is growing every day, and so is men's spending on looking and feeling good. Now is the time to focus on your male clients, so we've spoken to our top brands in-store to find out what’s next for men when it comes to styling and products.

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male model with curly quiff hairstyle

American Crew, Osmo, TIGI and Wahl tell us all about what your male clients will want in 2014.

So, what are your 2014 men’s hair trend predictions?

Simon Shaw, Wahl Artistic Director: Dramatic faded looks, quiffs, defined partings, lots of facial hair with lining in variations.

Dominique Rohde, American Crew UK Education Manager: It depends on the age – the twenty-somethings will be in two camps: one continuing with versions of the pompadour, the other growing their hair longer with tousled texture. The thirty-somethings like a polished finish with a parting for that suited and booted look during the week, but then need to be able to rework the shape for a more textured style at the weekend.

Paolo Andreuccetti, Osmo spokesperson and session stylist: Where hair was getting cut short, almost to the parting, gents are now asking for it to be kept slightly lower. This gives clients the option of more of a blend, from very short to length through the top, or an almost undercut definite line of short to long. Another option for those who prefer their hair forward is to sweep it to the side with a short fringe, nicely tapered at the sides and back. This gives the client versatility.

Maria Kovacs, TIGI Session Director: I think there will be a continuation of men’s hairstyles that are worn longer at the crown – you can create a quiff or dress it with a sharp parting, which is quite retro but very ‘now’.

Are celebs inspiring men’s hair trends?

SS:Footballers always set a trend. Barbers themselves seem to be paving the way for trends without so much input from the celebrity world these days. Schorem barbers in Rotterdam seem to have a niche collection of trends not only in Europe but the rest of the world.

DR: Whether you love him or hate him, David Beckham always has it going on when it comes to style.

PA: When it comes to celebrities, I always look to what will be the big films of the year. That’s when you see men copying or gaining inspiration from the leading male that all the women are talking about! Unless of course it’s The Hobbit, in which case David Beckham and Ryan Gosling still lead the way.

MK: From Bradley Wiggins to David Beckham, Bradley Cooper to Robert Pattison, Daniel Craig to Justin Timberlake, Harry Styles to Gary Barlow – celebs give men ideas for their own personal looks.

male model with side swept hair

What are the key styles that every barber should know?

SS: Basic fading, strong lines, different hair lines as well as a disconnection (Mohawk).

DR: Being able to rock out a perfect taper.

PA: What we want to see is the classic taper at the nape of the neck, not done the modern way with clippers: instead blending down with only your scissors, and an open razor to finish. If done correctly it gives the haircut a much more groomed and polished feel.

MK: TIGI has three key men’s cuts: The Men’s Crop, a heavily textured cut, created with classic ‘scissor over comb’ techniques around the perimeter and texturizing the top area with point-cutting. Men’s Texture is an adaptable cut that can be worn in various ways depending on the products used to style and finish the hair. Weight removal is key to the look to create detailing and shape. Finally, there’s Men’s Movement, a cut that maintains length and has a slightly grown-out feeling, created by point-cutting.

Any men’s looks that barbers need to ditch?

SS: Poor artwork – do it properly or don’t do it at all!

DR: Blocked-off hair lines – never met a square hairline so why cut one in?

PA: This is easy: a number 2 at the sides and a number 4 on top. This is a classic for guys who don’t follow fashion.

MK: Is the mullet coming back?

What’s the one style you would say suits most men?

SS: A style that is shorter on the back and sides and longer on top. Texture makes the hair look thicker and men look younger!

DR: The George Clooney crop.

PA: A classic short back and sides with length – depending on the clients’ needs – through the top. It’s easily worn, can be fashionable, will grow out keeping a nice shape and when the time comes to change the style, it’s easily adapted.

MK: This is so dependent on a man’s hair and hairline but a look that maintains some length at the top but is cropped cleanly at the sides is likely to be the most flattering.

Must-have men’s product?

SS: Academy Motion and our fabulous range of styling products!

DR: American Crew Pomade.

PA: OSMO Matte Clay Extreme.

MK: Bed Head Matte Separation Wax.

male models with textured hair

First published in the Capital Hair & Beauty magazine.