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What is Your Salon's USP?

Did you know the average individual living in the UK is spending almost £4,500 on their looks every year?! A large chunk of this is in spent in the hair and beauty industry. So knowing you’re in the right business is a reassuring thought, but how can you ensure that your salon will stand out from your competitors? It’s time to think about your unique selling point (USP)

hairdressing salon with mirrors

There are many important factors when it comes to running a salon / home business, and a unique selling point is definitely one! You want ensure your current clients will stay loyal and you have a ‘wow factor’ to bring in new clients. You may feel your business is already doing very well and that you have perfected your USP, but if you want to give your business that added bit of sparkle then we’re here to help! Of course everyone’s unique selling point will be different, but we have a few possible ideas (big and small), and some ways to think of some if you’re struggling...

Create some new offers that stand out from generic offers. Perhaps you could do ‘couples’ offers to help broaden your male clientele. 

Think about a drink / bar service that goes beyond offering your usual tea or coffee. For example if you’re a hair salon you could offer your clients a glass of prosecco during / or after their treatment. This could be great at weekends to help get them in the party mood! You will of course have to have a license to serve alcohol so if you choose this option, make sure you highlight it in your salon marketing. Having alcoholic beverages may not be suitable for spas but you could offer mocktails!  If you have the money and the space you could also get a small bar built into the back of your salon and invite your clients to hang out here after their treatments! You could also offer smoothies and juices for the non-drinkers!  

portable cocktail bar

If you own a hair or nail salon, perhaps you could have a music request list, where your clients are able to write down a song of their choice to listen to whilst having their treatment. This also gives you something to talk about with your client if you have a mutual appreciation for certain bands or artists. 

Perhaps you want your USP to be the interior design of your salon. As well as having the generic areas that you need for a full functioning salon, think about some of the finishing touches and other areas you could add. You could have a ‘relaxation room’ where clients can go before and after their treatments to enjoy a herbal tea and a magazine. This should be more than just a waiting room and should be factored in to the length of their appointment. Perhaps you could add a social area – it doesn’t have to be big; it could just consist of a large mirror with your salon Instagram handle on it so that it encourages clients to take selfies and share on social media.

Mood Board
If you want to re-think your business or salon and how you do things or need some inspiration to think of some unique selling points then why not try a ‘Mood Board’. You can do this yourself or with your colleagues. Simply go through magazines and rip out any imagery / quotes that inspire you! Then go back through all the imagery and create a collage with them. This helps you visualise what you want to achieve and some great ideas for your USP might arise during the process! It is also a fun way to bond with the people you work with. Lots of high-end fashion brands use a similar technique…so why not you!

Image source: Pinterest