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The Perfect Consultation

This week we've spoken to two experts about their thoughts on how to give your clients the perfect consultation, one that results in them getting the hairstyle they truly crave.

First up, let's see what Jim Shaw, owner and Director of Essensuals and Essensuals MEN, Billericay, has to say... 

The salon consultation plays an incredibly important part of the client's experience in the salon and it's so important to get it right. The consultation is where you discuss in detail with your client what they want; it's the time when you really need to listen, to be able to help the client as much as possible and discuss with them how you can achieve their hair goals. It's also the time when you make the efforts to gain their trust.
The first five minutes of a consultation is crucial to building a great relationship and making a lasting impression. During the consultation you should also assess the clients' hair, if it's oily, damaged etc., and see if what they want  is achievable in one sitting at the salon. If their hair is excessively damaged, this would be the time when you establish whether they will require an additional service in the salon, i.e. a hair treatment, a haircut or if colouring or bleaching is perhaps not the best option for them at this time. Before the consultation comes to an end, ensure you discuss with the client what hair products they use on their hair and offer recommendations. The consultation really is a great time for you to show your client that they can trust you, that you are a professional and know what you're talking about as well as what's best for them, their lifestyle and personality. 

Next up, Michelle Griffin, owner of Griffins Salons, Brimingham, and Loxbox Extensions 
The client consultation is the most important part of the salon experience and one that should be handles professionally and of course, honestly. As a colour expert and extension specialist it is extremely important to ensure both you and your client are on the same page and both understand the ultimate hair goal. Firstly, discuss with your client what they are looking for - let them explain what their hair goal is. Upon hearing this, discuss with them the steps it will take to achieve this. Be honest at all times. They may be able to achieve what they want in one appointment, however it may take a few appointments for them to reach their final result - it all depends on their hair type, texture and condition, and you must ensure that they fully understand this. 
Once you have established this, discuss a plan of how you are going to help them achieve the style/colour that they want. Detail what you are going to do, the products and techniques you are going to use and then explain the aftercare required to maintain it. Remember; you are the expert, so ensure you provide the client with all the information you would expect from your own stylist and that you would want to know. The consultation is a great way to begin a relationship with your client.