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Take Care

We all know that one unlucky person. Whether they’re a friend, family member or an acquaintance, they’re the one whose treatment went wrong; whose client had an allergic reaction to the hair dye they were using; who’s had to pay up thousands in compensation because a client slipped in their salon. And despite this fact, there’s a staggering proportion of hair and beauty professionals and salon owners who still don’t have insurance. Here, Dean Laming, Managing Director of hair and beauty insurance specialists, Salon Gold, talks about the pitfalls of not being insured.

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“Being insured is a business necessity, and yet we all know somebody who is choosing not to invest. The most common reason for this lies in some ambiguity about whether or not you legally have to have insurance. To be fair, whether you’re a freelancer or a salon owner, from a legal standpoint, the only insurance you need is employer’s liability insurance, if you’re employing staff in your business. 

“However, it’s highly recommended that you have public liability and treatment risk included in your policy too, in order to protect yourself against injuries to the public. 

“Many salon owners don’t realise this, but the need for insurance actually goes even further. A good specialist salon insurance policy will also provide protection for your premises from flood, fire, theft, broken windows and even cover any legal or staff disputes. It could really save your business in times of hardship. 

“For professionals working alone though, the same question always comes back around: ‘if I’m not employing anyone and have no legal obligation to have insurance, what’s the point in having it at all?’ 

“It’s all the more important to have insurance if you’re working as a freelance or mobile professional. With court cases becoming more and more commonplace, the costs of fighting a claim in court could cost you thousands. Public liability cover, and treatment risk especially, are a real god-send for those working alone; they ensure that, even in the event of a client making a claim, your policy will cover you. The price of your insurance per year (circa £50) is a small amount to pay when weighed up against the potential costs of fighting a legal case – or paying out the compensation.”

If you own a salon, or are looking for insurance for your freelance or mobile hair and beauty business, you can get a quote online at, or by calling 0208 655 0444

Words by Charisse Kenion. Originally published in Capital Hair & Beauty Summer magazine.