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Getting your salon clean and ready for opening post-Coronavirus

It’s nearly here. Clients will soon be flocking to your doors to correct the atrocities that 3 months at home have caused to their hair, nails and skin. However, it is vitally important that salons do their bit to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. From social distancing measures to reduced staff numbers, there are lots of ways that you can prepare for the new world – today we’re going to focus on cleaning.

We’ve come up with some ways to ensure you keep your hair, nail and beauty businesses clean in order to protect your clients, your staff and yourself.

1. Create a plan, and then stick to it

The first way you can help ensure your salon stays as clean as it can is to have a clear, structured cleaning plan or rota that sets out requirements and responsibilities. You should create a checklist of which tasks are required to happen before opening in the morning, which tasks are performed at regular intervals during the day, those that are performed after each client and those that are performed after closing for the day.

How often a particular object and surface needs to be cleaned will depend on how much contact it has with your staff and clients. You should prioritise areas that are touched a lot, such as door handles and chairs.

Give clear instructions as to who is responsible for each of these tasks on a daily basis, and a daily chart that gets signed when each task is completed. It’s probably a good idea to have your staff agree in writing to uphold their responsibilities in the plan. This will help with staff adopting the new procedures quickly and effectively.

2. Lighten the load

One easy way to reduce the time and effort required on cleaning is to remove unnecessary items from the salon - rugs and other non-essential decoration, for example. The less there is to touch, the less there is to clean, the more time spent servicing clients.

3. Do NOT run out of supplies!

Before you open, make sure you have healthy supplies of cleaning and hygiene products, plus any PPE your staff will require. If you don’t have the products, you can’t clean! Visit our Hygiene / PPE section to pick up the products you need.

4. Get some proper training for you and your staff

There are a bunch of free courses online that takes you through the proper sterilisation procedures. You could also recruit a local commercial cleaning firm (maybe you even have a cleaner who does the salon during closing) to come and give your staff a walkthrough of their good practice tips.

5. Communicate with your clients

Not only is this vital for your client’s safety, but it will also provide good content for marketing to your clients. Like you, they want to know they’re safe, and so they will continue struggling on with their roots and long nails indefinitely until they’re fairly certain they’re not being put in harm’s way. Clients will respect you more and your business will ultimately grow if your clients trust you.

6. Use the appropriate products

Surface to surface these will vary, so it’s of upmost importance that you know which products are capable of eradication the virus on your countertops. You should clean surfaces and dirty objects with soap and water before disinfecting them. 

7. Ask all staff and customers about symptoms, every time they enter the salon.

Have they had a new cough? A temperature? Shortage of breath? If so, send them home to isolate for a minimum of 14 days, and arrange testing of any other in contact with hm that day.

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