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Mr Nice Guy, Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of our interview with the brilliant Andrew Barton, here he talks about the ever-changing hair industry, his career highlights and what’s going to happen next…

andrew barton hair 3

What are your thoughts on the industry right now?

The hairdressing industry is an ever-changing, creative, evolving business and being prepared for change and embracing change is key to success. Retail and colour sales are two of the growth areas to consider in the years ahead. Clients have changed their habits in many ways with haircuts lasting longer, as our technical skills develop. Our clients have got better at managing their own hair with a huge selection of tools and products to play with. It’s how we progress which makes the UK one of the strongest hair industries in the world.

When you're not cutting hair or travelling, what's your favourite way to wind down?

I love time with my friends and family and a calendar year always involves some down time to relax on holiday. My daily down-time involves some form of exercise. I realised how much I benefit from the physical, emotional and mental benefits of exercise many years ago, so each day I plan some into my schedule and that’s how I relax. I’m currently training for the London Marathon which I’m running in aid of The Prince’s Trust, who I work with as an ambassador, mentoring young people for the workplace.

What should all hairdressers/salon owners prioritise when it comes to running the business?

It’s a good idea to have a plan; setting targets and goals for any business is vital and then working towards these goals. I worked with the CEO of Avon a few years ago, developing a creative project which was very exciting. She told me that each night when she got home, she would sack herself, and come back the next day asking herself: ‘what would I do here in my first day on the job – what would I see and what can I do about it?’ I thought it was an amazing business principle. 

What has been the highlight of your career? 

There have been so many highlights, including launching my signature consumer haircare range; being appointed Creative Director of the world’s largest hair and beauty salon at Urban Retreat, Harrods… but the biggest highlight has to be receiving British Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards in 2006. I realised that what came with that honour was the responsibility to represent and fly the British hairdressing flag as best I could, and that is my motivation. 

And what's next? 

There are many projects ahead but possibly the most exciting is the launch of my very own exhibition: ‘Beehives, Bobs and Blowdries’, which charts the cultural, iconic and historic references of hair and hairdressing. The exhibition launches in my home town of Barnsley in February 2018 and is then set to tour the world. I hope you all will come and see the exhibition.


Spring summer sees an eclectic mix of hair trends, from scrunched curls to super sleek polished perfection. The return of the fringe will be huge! We’ll see it in every shape and size - and colour! From exciting peacock hues to beautifully classic Hollywood blondes this season is all about colour. Product-wise, shine sprays and texture stylers are the must-haves.

Want more of Andrew? Find him on Twitter @a_barton, Instagram @andrew_barton_hair or search for him on Facebook at andrewbarton.salons

Originally published in Capital Hair & Beauty summer magazine 2017
Interview by Charisse Kenion. Imagery courtesy of Andrew Barton.