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Fanola - Your New Go-To

If you're looking for a new wet line or styling addition for your salon or mobile beauty business, now is the perfect time to check out Fanola. Whether you need to banish unwanted yellow tones or give your client the curls they crave, this truly is a brand that offers something for everyone - plus it's super affordable.

Creating on-trend styles while you're on the move all comes down to the right tools. But who wants to carry tons of products around on a daily basis? Fanola's new styling range provides the perfect styling foundation for you to create any style. Clients asking for a big blow-out? Try Fanola's Liss Style Smoothing Fluid and Volume Up Root Spray with a dose of Extra Strong Hairspray. Want to create romantic curls? Layer up Thermo Force Protective Fixing Spray with Easy Curl Define Cream and play away!  

We spoke with Stuart Brockway of Stuart Brockway Hair Design, to find out which Fanola products he uses over and over again at his Southampton Salon.

What's the Fanola product that you find yourself using over and over again? 
Stuart: The two Fanola products I love are the No Yellow and No Orange Shampoos but the one I use repeatedly has to be the No Orange! I use it to neutralise unwanted warmth in brunette colours, but I also like to use it to create a gorgeous, ashy look for very light blondes. 

Use it after rising either highlights or scalp bleach applications, once you've shampooed first with a colour shampoo, then apply Fanola No Orange and leave it to work for up to five minutes - then condition as usual. I sometimes use this as s stand - alone toner, applied straight after rinsing a pre-lightener on hair that has been lifted to a base 10. I'll apply it with a tint brush to the lightened areas and leave to up to five minutes. 

What's your style forecast for Spring? 
Stuart: I can see very light blondes with pastel shades re-emerging, offering lots of different, subtle hues. I think style has changed to much over the last 10 years; we now live in such a fashion-conscious world where anything goes, giving people the freedom to experiment with colour in a less conformist way. My clients have been bringing in images of 1970s fringes, very Brigitte Bardot-style looks, so I can see this is going to become popular by default. I think 2019 will be a great year for stylists to create imaginative and inventive looks that will keep their clients looking fabulous! 

Instagram: @stuartbrockway 
Facbeook: Stuart Brockway Hair Design