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Exclusive to Capital UK: Fanola Styling Tools

Discover Fanola’s new hair styling and finishing products range, Styling Tools.


With the latest technologies and high performing formulations these products have been created with professionals in mind to achieve different styles and holds. This must-have range of styling & finishing products were developed in the salon by the professionals to allow stylists to express their creativity. Exclusive to Capital here in the UK and from only £4.50 these products are….. and won’t break the bank.


Fanola Styling Tools


The interesting bit?  These products are, functional and professional and have been developed using new innovative technologies.



To keep hairstyles in order, protecting them from the elements and fighting frizz.


Professional products that are activated by high temperatures and protect the hair from the heat of straighteners, dryers and other heated tool.


For creative, on-trend styles. Products with Memory Technology are reactivated with water, allowing you to maintain styles longer.

Give the full range a go and start to express your creativity and style with ease as advanced technology works to complete any look!


Power Style Extra Strong Hairspray

Giving a weightless well-defined hold, this hairspray can keep any style in place.

How to use: spray to the hair at a distance of 30cm.

Easy Curl Defining Cream

This cream separates and models curls and waves as well as restores elasticity, texture and shine.

How to use: apply to damp hair and define the curl movement and either dry naturally or with a diffuser. 

Extra Grip Extra Strong Gel

A creamy gel ideal for fashionable hairstyles. It gives a long lasting strong hold all day long.

How to use: apply on washed hair, wet or dry, and define with the fingers to lock style.

Tools Liss Style Smoothing Fluid

The hydrating and nourishing tools liss style leaves hair easy to work with during blow-drying. Making hair soft and full of shine, it helps combat frizz. 

Use: on washed and towel dried hair apply to lengths and tips, comb and style as usual

Super Light Anti Frizz Glossing Spray

With a non-greasy, non-sticky formula this spray leaves hair extraordinarily glossy without weighing it down. It eliminates frizz and performs an effective antistatic action.

How to use: spray on damp hair before styling, or on dry hair for a healthy, glossy finish.

Thermo Force Protective Fixing Spray

Supports style with precision and definition, allowing you to come up with creative looks using high-temperature styling tools and leaving hair soft and glossy without weighing it down or leaving residue. The heat protection factor protects the hair and the cosmetic pigments from heat and drying out.

How to use: Spray on damp hair for blow-drying, or on dry hair before using tongs or straighteners.

Total Mousse Extra Strong Mousse

Fixes styles by wrapping a protective film around the hair shaft which nourishes and hydrates the hair. It restores elasticity and allows maximum creativity. It doesn’t leave build-up and can be easily brushed or shampooed out.

How to use: distribute 3-4 whirls of mousse to washed and towel dried hair, style and dry as usual. Apply to dry hair to create defined styles

Volume Up Root Spray

Ideal for fine and lifeless hair. This spray restores body and hold to roots, wraps a resistant, protective and elastic film around the hair shaft and leaves hair soft and full of shine.

How to use: on damp hair spray directly over roots, comb and style.


Fanola Styling Tools