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Dermaplaning - 2019's number one skin must-have

This June we're bringing you the low-down on this Spring's most popular beauty treatment, Dermaplaning.

What is it? 
An exfoliating treatment, usually administrated by a doctor or licensed medical aesthetician. The treatment involves the use of a surgical scalpel to gently scrape the surface of the skin to remove dead skin cells and unwanted peach fuzz. Similar to the face-shaving trend that's taken over on the Instagrams of many a beauty blogger! 

Why's it so good? 
As with any form of exfoliation, it's about ridding the skin of dead skin cells. Dead skin cells contribute to the skin looking dull, dry and wrinkled and also can block pores, leading to breakouts, making Dermaplaning an excellent solution for anyone seeking smoother, softer skin. Any products applied after the treatment have a better chance of sinking in and really doing their job, and there's also the additional benefit of brighter skin for a short period post-treatment. 

Is there anyone who shouldn't try Dermaplaning? 
Anyone who is experiencing a breakout, as the treatment could worsen it and irritate the skin. 

Why you need it on your services menu 
Who isn't after healthy, glowing skin these days? With the current makeup trend for dewy skin, adding Dermaplaning to your service menu makes sense, as it literally gives makeup the perfect foundation - pardon the pun! Even for women who don't often wear makeup, it's the ideal solution for anyone who just wants healthier, smoother-looking skin. Post-treatment, advise clients to treat skin to a Hyaluronic Acid mask or moisturising cream to keep skin happy and hydrated. Don't forget the SPF, but leave the makeup until the following day! This is a great treatment to book in for a monthly basis. 

Learn more with Capital Training
Sign up for our one-day Dermaplaning Facial course to learn what is fast becoming the most in demand beauty treatment! Learn how to remove the skin's uppermost layer to take away dead cells and vellus hair, about contraindications and more. * Full details can be found here. 

*Suitable for those who hold an NVQ3 in Beauty/are qualified in Microblading and or/ Micropigmentation/or are a doctor, nurse or dentist.