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Customer Service in 2017

Let's face it, the days of your salon being a client's only option are long gone. Thanks to the internet and social media, as well as digital newsletters, your clients are constantly being tempted by other salons. A key way to keep them booking in with you, is to make sure they feel catered to, every single visit. Here Shaun Hall, Manager at Mark Leeson, Chesterfield, shares his views.

Personalisation is key

Your client has a name, so remember it and use it. Make notes every visit; your client will be impressed when you make reference to something you discussed on a previous visit. You need to know if your client likes to talk, or prefers to read or just chill out and relax in quiet.

It's all about the detail

Start at the salon door. When you approach a five-star hotel you are greeted by a doorman, who opens the door for you. Make sure that staff members open the door as a client approaches. Making customer care part of your culture is fundamental to achieving a five-star service - it's about over-delivering.

Small touches make a big difference

Attention to detail is the most important factor. How sparkly and clean are your cups? Do the light bulbs need replacing? Are your magazines tatty? Don't ignore anything - it's all a reflection of your service.

Language is everything

When a client asks for something, even if you can't achieve it, make sure your first response is not a 'no'. Be positive - always!

Constantly assess your customer care

Even when you think you've got your service spot on, look a little closer. Be your worst critic and above all, beat your client's expectations on every visit.

Following these top tips will ensure that your client feels valued every time they step into your salon. They are therefore more than likely to recommend your salon to friends, making it a win win for everyone involved. If you want to read more about customer care in the salon, make sure you check out our tips on The Importance of a Good Consultation.

Originally published in Capital Hair & Beauty Spring Magazine 2017