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Create the look: Wella Illumina Bright Naturals

Illumina color has been dubbed ‘The New Natural’ (Josh Wood), offering hair colour with superior light reflection and hair protection. If you like what you see, read on for a step by step. This gorgeous colour is part of the new natural collections from the Illumina Color Technical Discovery Journal.

wella illumina colour before and after

What you’ll need

Step by Step - Colour:

  1. Apply 2 rows of weaves in the hair line using colour A.

    colouring 1

  2. Take 3 diagonal slices below the middle parting. 1 slice with A, 2 slices colour B on either side.

    colouring 2

  3. Paint lowlights around the crown area using colour C. Rinse the colour, shampoo and condition. Use colour B for an overall gloss.

    colouring 3

Step by Step - Cut:

  1. Cut the back and sides of the hair to one length.

    cutting 1

  2. Take a vertical section below the crown and start a graduation around the head.

    cutting 2

  3. Finalise the cut by layering the front.

    cutting 3

Step by Step - Style:

  1. Blow dry the hair completely to have a good base using the conical iron. Start at the front creating volume on the roots.

    styling 1

  2. Use thin sections and create natural curls with the conical iron.

    styling 2