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Create the look: Candy gangster by Indola

The world’s key catwalk destinations of Paris, London, Milan and New York showcase fresh fashion directions every season but it’s the way these ideas are interpreted and made wearable that produces the looks we all actually wear. With hair created by Indola Global Ambassador, Leonardo Rizzo, we focus on the Candy Gangster megatrend from the Indola: Smart Streetstyle Collection ‘14, inspired by bloggers and interpreted by Indola.

Indola Candy Gangster model

Pristine pastels are given a sugar rush in a streetwise trend that walks the line between pretty and punky. Sherbet shades strut their stuff in a selection of contrasting fabrics teaming soft silks with fluffy knits and sassy animal prints.

The hair takes a short pixie crop to new heights with all-over graduation and longer fringe. Feathered detailing over the ears and neck give a softly sculpted feminine feel while the key look plays with ruffled texture through the front and an ‘undone’ matt feel. The colour effect challenges, too, with a reverse take on ombré, a simple technique that makes a bold impression. An even blonde bleached base provides the perfect canvas for a strawberry root effect. Our first variation rocks a gently sculpted tomboy quiff with softly finished sides while a more playful approach sweeps hair forward in a sleeker, head-hugging shape with a feathered fringe.

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New PCC Collection Shade P.16 Pastel Strawberry
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Get the look - Colour

The result is a twist on the urban rebel with instant attitude however you style.

Dark blonde to light brown re-growth that needs to be pre-bleached.

Indola Rapid Blonde Bleaching Powder
Indola Profession PCC P.16 Pastel Strawberry
Indola Profession Developers 6% and 2%

Step by step:

  1. Bleach roots using one part Profession Rapid Blonde Bleach mixed with two parts Profession Developer 6%.
  2. After bleaching, wash, condition and dry the hair.
  3. Mix Profession PCC P.16 Pastel Strawberry mixed 1:1 with 2% Profession Developer and apply to the roots.
  4. Sweep colour onto a comb with a brush then apply the effect colour to the longer ends of the hair.
  5. Pick out specific areas you want to emphasise and apply by combing through using the same colour mix.
  6. Wash out to prepare for cutting, the mid-lengths and ends will show the blonde base and effect.

Indola Candy Gangster colour

Get the look - Cut

Cropping it around the crown creates a head-hugging shape while softer outlines around the ears and nape ensure a gently sculpted feminine feel.

Step by step:

  1. Create three triangular sections on the top of the head, as shown.
  2. Start with a vertical section above the ear and cut in a square line. Work from the back towards the front, over-direct the hair back and connect the length.
  3. Start again from above the ear on the opposite side and work with diagonal sections towards the back. Over-direct hair to your guide line above the ear and connect the length.
  4. Cut the back, starting at the centre point, holding hair at 90-degrees and cutting a square line. Over-direct all sections to your guideline building up length towards the ears.
  5. Move to the triangular section on the top left of the head. Using a razor define the length on the top.
  6. Over-direct the hair from the right top section to the opposite side and define length disconnected from the hair beneath. Build up the length towards the front.
  7. Use a razor or point cutting techniques to personalise the fringe.

Indola Candy Gangster cut

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