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Caring Colour - Protect your client's hair

As Winter approaches your clients’ hair needs are going to change, just like the weather! Read on for our top tips to colour that lasts all season long.

Be proactive As the weather changes we immediately start to notice changes in our hair, but for those with coloured hair, the effects can be even more evident. 

Dan Spiller, Joico Colour Ambassador for Europe, UK and Ireland says, “during winter time, hair can be vulnerable and at risk of becoming dry and damaged. Central heating indoors and harsh weather conditions outdoors are factors that must be taken into account.” 

Suddenly, that gorgeous, glossy colour begins to look faded and the hair itself looks lifeless and dull. As well as giving your clients in-salon treatments to keep colour bright and hair looking healthy, you can also give them proactive advice for at-home help.

Repair and rejuvenate
Masks have been a theme of our lives for the past 18 months, but we’re talking about the deep conditioning kind here. In-store and online you’ll find a wealth of hair masks designed specifically with coloured hair in mind. Below are our top 5 for hair that’s looking less than glorious.

#1 L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert Metal Detox Mask
This is your go-to for aftercare post- colour, balayage or bleach service. Wash after wash, hair can experience build-up of heavy metals, simply from the water we use. Coloured hair can feel these effects even more, as colour begins to lose impact. After just one use, vibrancy is restored and hair is instantly smoother.

#2 Wella Colour Motion Mask
For hair that needs to feel restored from within, this colour mask does it all. Promising up to eight weeks colour protection, thanks to the WellaPlex bonding agent, hair feels instantly stronger.

#3 Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask
For bold, bright colour that needs to stay fresh, this is the mask for you. Used for just 10 minutes, once a week, this creamy mask adds a blast of vibrance with zero damage. 

#4 OSMO Colour Radiance Mask
Hold back the fade and leave colour looking truly radiant thanks to Sunflower Seed Oil and its protective properties. Perfect for dry and over-processed hair too!

#5 Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Mask
Offering the ultimate in deep conditioning, this mask works by strengthening hair strands and replenishing moisture, giving you colour that lasts.

Indola Global Ambassador Paddy McDougall gives his caring colour tips
“Hair condition is always going to be about striking a balance; think about it like cause and effect. As the hair is processed more, or the weather changes, or your client uses heated tools more, it’s eventually going to be reflected in the quality of their hair. You can help balance this by identifying the cause then tailoring your clients’ hair regimen to help offset the effects.

“For clients who come in for colour I like Indola’s Act Now! Color Shampoo; it uses a combination of Chia Seed Extract and Magnesium Citrate to lock colour pigments within the inner hair fibre and it also gives the hair a beautiful shine. For coloured and/or chemically stressed, damaged hair, I always recommend Indola’s Act Now! Repair Mask; it has a unique formulation of Avocado Oil and Shea Butter that seals the cuticle and regenerates the hair structure, while restoring smoothness and vitality. It’s also free from silicones, parabens and artificial colourants, which, alongside environmental factors such as pollution, end up leaving hair dull and tired looking.

“Finally, when I need to give a deep clean, I use Indola’s Moisture Shampoo. It contains Ginseng Root Extract, Arginine and Lactic Acid to cleanse, sweep away impurities and product build-up and refresh the hair and scalp – without stripping away crucial nutrients – leaving hair shiny and revitalised.”

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