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30 Years of Being a Capital Customer

To celebrate our 65th birthday, we caught up with one of our most loyal customers Ros Knight, who has been shopping wit us for 30 years.

How long have you been a customer at Capital?
I have been a customer of Capital for over 30 years during my career as a hairdresser. 

How has the industry changed in the last 30 years?
Over the last 30 years many trends have come and gone... and returned. When I first started my career, as a Hairdressers the Perm was the most asked after style. I would say that as the years have gone on colouring of hair has become more popular using some flamboyant colours! 

What was the most important thing to your business 30 years ago and what is the most important thing now? 
I truly believe the loyalty of my amazing customers over the last 30 years is one of the most important thing to our business. We still have 26 clients that have been with the business from the very first day and still continue to be with us now. However without my wonderful hardworking friend, Rosie, who has worked with me for 30 years, the business wouldn't have been the success it is today. 

What product can you not live without? 
From the beginning we have always strived to have the best products for our clients. For us we have always supplied Wella products in the salon and often have Capitals own products. 

What is your local Capital store and how has it changed over the years? 
For many years we used the Sackville Road branch of Capital, however in recent years we now use the Hollingbury store, which is lovely and modern. 

What is your favourite thing about Capital? 
Over the years various things have been great with using Capital. However I particularly like the VAT FREE days. I would also add that the wonderful help and assistance from the Capital team. They have always been invaluable when asking for new product recommendation.