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Fiesta Sun Fruity Scentsation Intro Kit
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Fiesta Sun Fruity Scentsation Intro Kit

Product code: 085123

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The cream of the crop gathered together in one superb deal. A fabulously fruity tanning range that provides exceptional skincare and a rich, bronze colour. Enjoy mouth-watering fragrances and a scent-sational golden tan!


Product information

2x NEW Dragon Fruit Frenzy 236ml
1x Strawberry Banana Breeze 236ml
1x Coconut Dream 236ml
1x Blackcherry Crush 236ml
FREE Sachets
5x NEW Dragon Fruit Frenzy 22ml
3x Strawberry Banana Breeze 22ml
3x Coconut Dream 22ml
3x Blackcherry Crush 22ml


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