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[Metal Detox]

Complement your colour, balayage & lightening.

Our Pre-treatment is a patented technology with Glicoamine.
Haircare that neutralises excess copper in the hair.

Up to 87% less breakage.2
Reliable colour results on hair with excess copper.

Compatible with other colour and lightener brands.

1 In France : 7 patents delivered and 2 patents pending.
2 Combing test. Pre-treatment, shampoo and masque vs classic shampoo on bleached hair


3-step protocol in salon

Professional PRE_TREATMENT: Before colour, balayage or lightening. Helps neutralise excess copper.

Cleansing Cream Shampoo PROFESSIONAL SHAMPOO: Cleanses hair after the service.

Anti- deposit protector PROFESSIONAL MASK Helps prevent new particles from coming back.

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