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The end for split ends

The Split-Ender PRO is a product that’s fresh from the U.S, and is designed to keep hair and healthy and Split End-free!

split ender pro

Where it all began

Invented by the formerly long-haired Victor C. Talavera, the Split-Ender PRO came about as a result of Victor’s frustration at having to dedicate time every other month to dealing with his own split ends. As with most of our frequently relied upon products, the Split-Ender PRO was born out of necessity.

What is it?

The Split-Ender PRO is a revolutionary, worldwide patented, invention that is specifically designed to guide the hair ends into the blades in a straight motion, trimming the very end of the hair strand (between an eighth and a quarter of an inch, depending on the setting you choose), while preserving the length of the hair.

Q&A with inventor Victor C. Talavera

split ender model

What is the one thing that every hair professional needs to know about the Split-Ender?

The Split-Ender PRO gives professional hairstylists the opportunity to offer a brand new service to clients with damaged, dry ends and split ends, while helping preserve the length of he clients’ hair. More importantly it ensures hairstylists will see their clients more regularly for follow-up maintenance, rather than seeing them every two to four months for their cut and colour appointments – this could actually triple a stylist’s current income!

How easy is it to use the product?

The Split-Ender PRO is very easy to use! Most of all it is safe and trims the hair with precision without a chance of making a mistake. As simple as using a flat iron, with, of course, a few new features!

Describe your customer

Any man or woman who wants to grow longer hair faster, more beautiful and healthier than ever before! Anyone with long hair, from 13 year old girls to ladies of any age – into their fifties and beyond!

Available in store and online – we’re the only ones who sell it across the UK!