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New year, new you

The phrase ‘new year, new you’ is synonymous with the first month of a new year, but does it and should it always mean reinvention?

We’ve all been there; a year winds down and you just want to do something different. Rather than decide to move to the other side of the world, or completely revamp your wardrobe, a change in hair colour or style is often our way of dipping our toe into a ‘new’ image – besides, you can always change it again if you don’t like it, right?

new year hair 1

But sometimes, this urge for something new isn’t really about how a client looks on the outside; instead, it can often mean that inside, things aren’t quite so balanced. How many times have you had a client sitting in the chair saying, ‘just do what you want, I’m ready for a complete change,’ and yet the vibe they’re giving off isn’t as confident as the words they’re saying? Well, if you’re a stylist or colourist who really knows how us humans work, you’d most likely suggest a subtle change. It’s all about reading the signals; body language, lack of eye contact and stilted conversation are all clues that your client isn’t quite ready for that brunette to platinum change, so it’s up to you to sort out the ones who are really ready for a new look, and those who just need a bit of pampering and a delicate colour or style revamp.

new year hair 2

Technology is something that can help people play with a new look without full commitment, so talk through new colours and cuts with your client with the aid of an app, or visit a site like, and show clients how to play with their Hollywood Makeover page. All they have to do is upload a current image and they can try on Gwen Stefani’s bleached style or Cate Blanchett’s elegant chignon. You’ll find that your client will definitely see making a change as something fun, but seeing how they might look, before going for the chop, will ensure that they’re making the right decision, and not just experiencing the ‘new year, new you’ factor!

new year hair gwen

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