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Michelle Thompson’s SS17 colour predictions

In our second guest blog with the brilliant Michelle Thompson, Advanced Academy Creative Director at Francesco Group, we’re talking spring/summer colour trends.

Spring/Summer 2017 hair colour predictions 1

“We are still working with lighter colours, especially for spring and summer; we want our hair to look really fresh. But deciding on the type of tone will depend on your clients’ skin tone.

“We’re working with a lot of colour contouring right now, which is about looking at colour, but also the shape of the clients’ face. If your client wants to go dark but they have a cooler skin tone, there are still plenty of colours that will work quite well. Most importantly it’s about deciding on which features to highlight with natural tones, as well as your more fun tones.

Spring/Summer 2017 hair colour predictions 2

"A big spring trend when it comes to more fun colour is definitely those lovely rose golds that we’ve been seeing – which actually suit most skin tones – it just depends on where the colour is placed.”

Alongside those pretty, ultra-flattering rose golds, Michelle says there’s also fun to be had with bronze.

Spring/Summer 2017 hair colour predictions 3

“There aresome really rich bronzes coming through, but again, we’ll be looking for results to be on the cooler side.

“When it comes to fun colours, such as pastels, they will still be around. Last year was more about baby blues and pinks and greys, and I think they will continue, but now we’ll be merging them together. So instead of going for one tone, we’re going to see more people playing with rainbow colours. Think one colour on the roots, another on the mid-lengths and another on the ends.”

Spring/Summer 2017 hair colour predictions 4

Sounds like a fun season ahead! Make sure you check out our full colour range.

To find out more about Michelle and Francesco Group, visit

Spring/Summer 2017 hair colour predictions 5

All imagery courtesy of Michelle Thompson/Francesco Group