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Boost your Balayage with L’Oréal Professionel



Balayage is a French word that means to sweep. It is a hair colouring technique where the stylist will paint the hair to give a natural sun-kissed look with gold reflects, that the sun gives naturally to hair in summer. Balayage is the ideal choice when your clients want something subtle or to give a new dimension to their hair. It is the most popular colour service requested today and its popularity comes from the fact that it is extremely low maintenance and will grow out naturally.

Balayage works on any hair colour and is not limited to blondes, with red and brunette balayage becoming increasingly popular. It can be worn subtle or bold on any base colour; it’s all about the application and the placement of colour on your client’s hair.

 "I love balayage as it enables me to place colour more visually. Placing colour visually means that each and every client can receive a bespoke colour completely tailor made for them. It's great for giving a multitonal effect whilst still looking natural, high shine.”-       Siobhan Jones, Colour ambassador at Headmasters


Balayage is a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using professional tools such as traditional foiling, meche or cap highlighting. It refers to the process of sweeping colour through the hair using a paddle.


A beautiful sun-kissed hair colour result. The lightened pieces sculpt the face and jawline to contour the face and bring out your clients’ best features. The technique uses contrasting and nonstripy blonde shades to add depth and definition to the hair as well as luminosity for an ultra-natural result.

An ultra-natural Balayage result with a subtle hint of colour to add a bit of warmth to your clients’ hair - think salted caramel and warm mocha tones. If your clients are wanting to go a little lighter around their face but not yet ready to go the whole hog, a soft balayage is perfect for them. With a few lighter pieces placed strategically around the jawline to frame the face, this look will give your clients’ hair that extra boost and feeling of ‘je ne sais quoi’. The technique will give them a really natural and blended colour result to enhance their favourite facial features.

Foilyage like balayage uses a freehand painting technique, however unlike balayage the pieces are wrapped in foils to create more defined lightness.


If your clients already have blonde hair, you can do a reverse balayage to deepen the roots and add dimension to their look, the ends can be highlighted with a platinum blonde or icy blonde balayage. Reverse balayage is a way of transforming an all over or heavily highlighted head of hair into a multi-dimensional look by deepening and brightening key focal areas. Popular as you can keep similar tones while re arranging or re balancing them to give a fresh new look by gradually shadowing from a deeper root to lighter sections.

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Balayage is very low maintenance and can give a new dimension to hair by boosting natural reflects. If your clients have never had their hair coloured before or they are afraid of a drastic change, balayage is most definitely the best colour technique for them. If they are blonde, brown, or red, have coloured or non-coloured hair, it doesn’t matter, the balayage technique can be tailored to everyone. The choice is really between you and your client. A balayage is also great for colouring greys because you will cover the few grey strands rather than colour the whole head.


To maintain your clients’ balayage, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris offers specific ranges to protect and make your clients’ colour last. For up to 8 weeks protection from fading* you can use the Serie Expert Vitamino Color range to keep their balayage looking fresh. *instrumental test shampoo+conditioner.

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