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From the Shades EQ you know and love, introducing Redken’s newest hair color innovation: Shades EQ Bonder Inside, the all in one toner + bonder that helps to strengthen sensitized hair in one step. 


Did you know: after each lightening or highlighting service, there is residual alkalinity left behind on the hair? This causes hair damage and weakened disulfide bonds for up to 14 days after the lightening service. 


That’s where the Shades EQ Bonder Inside formula comes in to help strengthen sensitized hair in one step. The formula features a built in bonder along with Citric Acid and Taurine to help strengthen the hair’s bonds, while reducing damage and alkalinity following lightening services. The formula also evens porosity and pH levels to ensure optimal color results, shine and condition. It provides the Shades EQ Gloss results you know and love with added strength! With Shades EQ Bonder Inside, you can ensure 77% less hair breakage when used along with Flash Lift Bonder Inside and Acidic Bonding Concentrate.