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New Look, New Wax!
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Looks is our own branded beauty and skin care range including high quality wax, available in five fantastic variants. This great value wax is extremely popular and is used by many salons throughout the UK.

Looks Wax has had a makeover, but what’s inside is the same great quality!


Simply the best

Our high quality, vegan-friendly and cruelty free Looks Wax has gone through a bit of a transformation – just like our magazine – but it still contains the same hair-banishing ingredients that our customers know and love. Derived from natural ingredients to suit all skin types, the Looks Wax range combines quality with on-trend shades and fragrances, and is all about making your job easier and more efficient. 

Containing the absolute minimum of plasticizer, making them ‘full strength’, Looks Waxes have very low viscosity before application, which then increases when the product is smoothed onto the skin. This means it’s even easier to remove quickly with a fabric or paper strip. 

Used at temperatures just a few degrees above normal skin temperature, Looks Waxes spread very thinly, allowing them to flow easily and evenly around the hair, meaning less wax is used, therefore making the entire process more profitable. The end result is super-efficient epilation, super-soft skin and zero wax residue left behind. What more could you ask for?



CRÈME WAX Perfect for those with sensitive skin and intimate waxing, crème wax leaves skin moisturised after application.

GELEE WAX The consistency of this gel texture allows for a thin application, plus it contains Aloe Vera, which makes for a lovely cooling sensation on the skin.

SOFT WAX It’s a classic for a reason! Soft Wax suits all skin types, and all areas of the body.

More from Looks Wax!

As well as giving you a gorgeous-smelling, effective range of waxes, Looks also has everything you need to make the entire waxing experience comfortable and swift - From starter kits to pre- and post-wax treatments.


Just in time for summer

Lightly scented with Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint, this strip-free wax is perfect for intimate waxing, something that definitely grows in demand once holiday season is upon us. This new wax comes in rosin-free pastilles, making it suitable for sensitive skin and all areas of the body. Designed to provide the utmost in client comfort and with perfect results every time, this wax is fast-setting and flexible for clean, easy removal of all hair types.


Here TV personality and Opiah salon owner Chloe Goodman says why Looks Wax is a must.

My first experience using Looks Wax was amazing. Firstly, it smells incredible and I love the packaging! Over the years I think we’ve all become used to waxing as being an extremely painful and not a particularly nice experience, however, since I started using Looks Wax on my clients, it’s definitely changed my opinion. It goes onto the skin so smoothly and is a lot less painful for my clients than other waxes I’ve used in the past. It leaves their skin feeling very smooth, without any stray, stubborn hairs. Looks Wax is great at removing even the smallest of hairs, and what I love most is that it doesn’t leave skin looking and feeling dehydrated or irritated.