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Sweet Hair Professional The First Shampoo 3.0 - 50ml
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Sweet Hair Professional The First Shampoo 3.0 - 50ml

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FIRST SHAMPOO acts in the second layer of hair, called cortex, which is responsible for hair’s curvature. The combination of the five acids present in the formula, along with the heat coming from a flat iron, creates a chemical reaction that reshapes hair, having it temporarily straight. FIRST SHAMPOO not only smoothes hair but also tames frizz.

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Product information

  • Organic Product
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Quick 90 minutes process
  • Compatible with any chemical service on the same day
  • Not affected by sulphate products
  • Will not be diminished by colour, bleach, sea or pool water
  • Hair can be washed and styled immediately after
  • Lasts up to 12 weeks
  • Use 1 sachet to smooth shoulder length hair



    Shampoo hair. For extreme build-up, clarify hair first. Rinse hair thoroughly and remove excess water with a towel UNTIL HAIR IS AT LEAST 50% DRY (you may use a blow-dryer)
    Divide hair into 3 sections (nape, middle & forehead). Apply FIRST SHAMPOO. Hair must be saturated with product from scalp to ends and a rich lather must be present in each section before you start applying to the next section. Focus on hair length. DO NOT ADD WATER.
    • Short hair: 1.5 oz.
    • Medium length hair: 2 oz.
    • Long hair: 2.5 oz.
    Leave on for 20 minutes.
    Rinse hair thoroughly, removing all product. While at the shampoo bowl, a conditioning mask of your choice may be applied. If client is receiving a colour application directly afterwards, do not use a mask. Blow-dry hair.
    Divide hair into 4 sections and flat iron small sections at a moderate speed.
    • Healthy hair: 230°C, 5 - 7 passes
    • Compromised/porous hair: 190 - 205°C, 5 - 7 passes
    If ends of hair are fragile, lower the amount of passes.


Overall rating
Leigh Thomas

Used this about 3 weeks ago and I've found it brilliant. On an par with the much more Kerastraight (which I loved) and the God awful Brazilian Blow Dry which you can't wash you hair for 4 days afterwards! Absolutely NO smell once finished. It did leave my hair feeling a little "crunchy" at first but not a lot. Became softer after washing and straightening again. I've been out in the drizzle and rain, didn't frizz! I can walk from my car to work and not look like a frizzy mess LOL. The only thing I will say is use protective gloves and Vaseline around the hair line as it dries your skin out, to the point of peeling. It is a chemical straightener after all. If you want a cheap solution to smoothing/straightening then this is your product. I WILL be buying/using again.

Tania Sherlock

I am so happy to have found a fantastic and safe alternative to the Brazilian blow dry. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning because I heard a couple of reviews saying this product would leave a strange smell on the hair. This is not the case at all. There are no nasty fumes when using the flat iron and no smell at all after washing. The results are amazing. My hair is super soft, straight with no frizz. Highly recommend the First Shampoo.

Hazel Wilson

Smoothies hair - left with strange smell
I used this 3 weeks ago and it does what it says in the box, hair stays smoother and less fluffy but not straightened! It feels very crispy until conditioned after every wash and has a very strange smell no matter how perfumed a shampoo I use! It’s not a nasty smell but not pleasant either. I don’t think it will be a good money spinner for the price asked for initial pay out.

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