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Yve Blyth Sugar Paste 1kg - Regular


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Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal which has been practised for centuries all over the world. It is an entirely natural product which is water soluble. Select from: Strip, Soft, Regular, Hard & Extra Hard.

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Yve Blyth Sugaring Supplies - Range of Sugar Paste

Strip Sugar Paste was mainly manufactured as an alternative to wax; it is applied by spatula/finger or eyebrow sticks and removed by paper/fabric strips. It has the benefit over wax, if any slight residue is left on the skin after treatment of being removable by warm water and cotton wool.

Soft Sugar Paste is a hand sugar for practitioners who have naturally cooler hands or are sugaring during winter months.

Regular Sugar Paste is slightly firmer than soft and is the paste which the majority of practitioners choose to use.

Hard Sugar Paste is for practitioners who have naturally warm hands or very warm treatment rooms/warmer weather sugaring.

When new practitioners are training their hands get very sweaty with nerves/exertion and the paste absorbs this moisture from the skin/atmosphere and gets 'sticky' very quickly so it is advisable to start trainees on hard or even extra hard paste until they become more competent and begin to control the paste rather than the paste controlling them! (Sticky paste can be rolled in purified talc to help control it again)

Extra Hard Sugar Paste is for practitioners who have naturally very hot hands. Ideal for male sugaring practitioners who tend to use this paste to remove coarser hair by both hand and strip method.

Basically which sugar paste one uses is a very individual thing, it's best to try them and see which suits you best; it is also good to have several strengths of paste available for when either the weather changes colder or a hot sweaty client arrives after hurrying to their appointment and either softer or firmer paste is required.

It very much depends on the method practitioners are taught as to whether they mix different paste’s how the individual likes to feel it in the hand and obtain the best results. There are no instructions for use on the pot, everyone's interpretation on how it should be done based on who trained them is slightly different.

The complete range of sugar paste can be stripped using paper/fabric strips if required or if the paste becomes difficult to remove at any time.

Sugar Paste - Strip

Strip Sugar Paste can be used in the same way as wax:-

First warm to ‘body temperature’ by using a thermostatically controlled heater or standing the pot in a bowl of warm water, then apply to the skin using a spatula and remove with a paper or fabric strip while making sure the skin is pulled taught by the supporting hand.

Also for the Professional Sugaring Practitioner we have an extensive range of hand sugar paste: Soft/Regular/Hard/Extra Hard.

Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal which has been practised for centuries all over the world. It is an entirely natural product which is water soluble.

It sticks to the hair and not the skin where it holds the hair close to the root bulb; it is then cleanly flicked from the follicle without causing the hair to break leaving no residue on the treated area. The skin is left smooth and silky for up to six weeks before hair regrowth.

Because the roots are removed, the hair regrowth becomes noticeably fairer, finer and sparser with each treatment until the skin is eventually smooth and hair free. (This time varies between individual clients.)

It is gentler than other depilatory methods and is particularly suitable for clients who have experienced some discomfort through other forms of hair removal. It can be used on delicate skin, including eczema and psoriasis.