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Pro Tan Saturnia Incredible Package Deal
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Pro Tan Saturnia Incredible Package Deal

Product code: 085051

PT104IPD: Unbelievable... Irresistible... Desirable! Just a few words to describe this incredible deal. Make it your next ‘must have’ purchase for your salon!

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2 x Instantly Black 250ml

2 x Fashionably Hot 250ml

2 x Irresistibly Tan 250ml

2 x Perfectly Tan 250ml

2 x Bodaciously Black 250ml

2 x Unbelievably Black 250ml

2 x Radically Hemp 250ml

2 x Hot Tottie 250ml

2 x Ridiculously Bronze 250ml

2 x Incredibly Black 250ml

2 x Desirably Dark 250ml

2 x Luscious Legs 177ml

2 x Flawless Faces 59ml


Receive Free:

6 x Instantly Black 22ml

6 x Fashionably Hot 22ml

6 x Irresistibly Tan 22ml

6 x Perfectly Tan 22ml

6 x Bodaciously Black 22ml

6 x Unbelievably Black 22ml

6 x Radically Hemp 22ml

6 x Hot Tottie 22ml

6 x Ridiculously Bronze 22ml

6 x Incredibly Black 22ml

6 x Desirably Dark 22ml

6 x Luscious Legs 22ml

6 x Flawless Faces 5ml



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