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Hairdressing Razors

Hairdressing razors and blades available from brands such as AMA, Efalock, Head-Gear and more. Choose from shapers, trimmers and Occam's razors available in many different designs and at low prices.
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AMA Focus Feather Blades Pk10



A guarded, platinum coated blade, for use in the Ama Focus Feather Shaper. 10 blades in a pack.

£7.90 ex VAT


AMA Focus Razor



A folding style razor, with a metal blade holder, that is ideal for cutting, shaving or texturising. Uses one half of a snapped double sided blade.

£3.50 ex VAT


AMA Supermax Blades Pk10



This stainless steel made, double sided blade is perfect for use in the 112 Trimmer. When snapped in half can also be used in the AMA Focus Razor.

£1.95 ex VAT


AMA 81 Shaper (Stainless Steel)



Ideal for shaping and razor cutting, has a removable guard and stainless steel handle.

£4.85 ex VAT


AMA 80 Shaper



Designed for razor cutting and shaping, has a removable guard and a white plastic pearl handle.

£4.95 ex VAT


AMA Trimmer 112



This is an easy to operate, long handled, aluminium made trimmer. It has a revolving catch, and takes a double sided blade.

£6.55 ex VAT


AMA Feather Blades Pk10



For 80 & 81 Shaper. 10 Blades in a pack.

£5.00 ex VAT


Derby Extra Shaving Blades Pk100 (20 x 5)

Out of Stock


Professional super stainless steel double edge blades for barber razors. With chromium, ceramic, platinum, tungsten and polymer coated edges. Contains 5 pack of 20 razors.

£5.95 ex VAT

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The Bluebeards Revenge Cut-Throat Straight Razor


The Bluebeards Revenge

Cut throat shave the Bluebeards way with this stylish replaceable blade! Features the distinctive Bluebeards logo on the handle.

£6.65 ex VAT


AMA Occam's Razor - Zebra Print



This stylish razor from AMA is not just functional, but an eye catcher as well. Using feather styling blades it has a blade guard, non-slip handle and a swivel finger ring, all coming together to make this razor simple and comfortable to use.

£19.50 ex VAT


The Bluebeards Revenge Safety Razor Blades Pk100 (10x10)

Out of Stock

The Bluebeards Revenge

This carton contains ten packs of ten of the very finest double edge razor blades. Designed for use with The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Razor and other similar instruments.

£16.75 ex VAT


Rand Rocket Treet Blades Pk10


Rand Rocket

Treet blades x 10 double sided blades

£3.50 ex VAT


AMA Focus Inox Razor - Black



Black razor. Metal Handle, takes half of a Supermax double edge blade.

£5.35 ex VAT


AMA Focus Inox Razor - Pink



Pink razor. Metal Handle, takes half of a Supermax double edge blade.

£5.35 ex VAT


Rand Rocket Genie Razor - Black

Special Order

Rand Rocket

Plastic blade holder in black. Ideal for cutting & shaving.

£6.50 ex VAT


Kasho Designing Razor (KCS NH)

Out of Stock


The ergonomically contoured KASHO Designing Razor is an ideal tool for creative work. The exceptional sharpness of the blade, which was originally designed for use in surgery, enables accurate shaping and thinning of hair.

£40.00 ex VAT


Miraki 2 In 1 Razor Blades Pk10

Out of Stock


Miraki 2 In 1 Razor Blades Pk10 (Razor sold separately)

£9.50 ex VAT

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The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge Razor


The Bluebeards Revenge

Slice through stubble the Bluebeards way with this truly stunning, bespoke double edge safety razor! It really is the height of luxury.

£28.00 ex VAT


AMA Focus Slim AP Razor - Black



Made from anodized aluminium, the Focus Slim AP has a patented opening system to ensure the blade sits solid when shaving. Precise and easy to handle, well-balanced weight distribution fits perfectly in the hand.

£36.65 ex VAT


Magia Pen Razor


RAZOR by Magia - innovative razor, so called "sharp pen", using disposable blades, ideal for precise outlining of face hair, hairstyling, or creating complex hair tattoos.

£60.00 ex VAT


Magia Pen Razor - Replacement Blades


Single-use disposable pen RAZOR blades. One box contains 20 blades.

£10.50 ex VAT


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