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Hairdressing Sundries

Here you'll find many essential hairdressing accessories for the salon or freelance hairdresser including cutting collars, training heads, holsters, spray bottles, purified water, face shields, pumps, diffusers and many more. We stock a number of brands such as Head-Gear, Hair Tools and more.
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L'Oréal Professionnel série expert Backwash Pump 1500ml



Optional pump for 1500ml Serie Expert Shampoo/Conditioner.

£1.65 ex VAT


Hair Tools Black Rubber Bands x 300 15g (15mm Diameter)


Hair Tools

Hair Tools Black Rubber Bands x 300 15g (15mm Diameter): Black rubber bands. Diameter 15mm. Supplied in packs of approx 300 bands (15g)

£0.50 ex VAT


Wella Professionals Salon Pump 1000ml



Pump for Wella Professionals 1000ml hair care products.

£4.35 ex VAT


Universal Clipper Oil 4oz



Always keep blades oiled. Specially prepared for Wahl clippers and trimmers.

£1.75 ex VAT


Comby Peroxide Measure Assorted Colours



These Comby colourful 4oz peroxide measures are used for mixing peroxide lotion with the tinting colour. They are available in three colours: Pink, Blue and Clear (Chosen at random).

£0.95 ex VAT


Head-Gear Training Head (18" - 20")

Out of Stock


Made from 100% Human Hair. Hair has been chemically bathed and disinfected to ensure optimum safeguards. Ideal for salon and college styling and colour training.
Save £3
Now Only £33.95!

£36.95 ex VAT

£33.95 ex VAT


Vortex Hairtrap



Vortex hairtraps are designed to be located within the waste of your sink in order to capture stray hair or other unwanted deposits.

£0.80 ex VAT


Comby Rainhat Polka Dot - Bonnet Peak



The Rain and Wind peaked bonnets are available in a variety of different colours including: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and White. Each peak bonnet comes with a polka dot design.

£0.50 ex VAT


Hair Tools Diffuser Black


Hair Tools

A carefully designed diffuser with universal fitting. Gives a soft but rapid dry to aid styling.

£2.99 ex VAT


Hair Tools Special Sprayer


Hair Tools

Unique design to the UK, opaque black plastic water sprayer.

£2.50 ex VAT


Head-Gear Training Head (14" - 16")



Made from 100% Human Hair. Hair has been chemically bathed and disinfected to ensure optimum safeguards. Ideal for salon and college styling and colour training.
Save £3
Now Only £26.95!

£29.95 ex VAT

£26.95 ex VAT


Agenda Flair-A-Sol Water Micro-Mist Sprayer



New technology allows this water spray to perform like an aerosol, evenly distributing a micro-mist of water to provide control. Price is for one sprayer.

£4.40 ex VAT


Head-Gear Wheel Clamp (Black)



Black plastic wheel clamp used to clamp to the table to ensure that training heads are held in place.

£5.50 ex VAT


Scunci Polyband Hair Elastics Pk75 - Clear



A pack of 75 clear polyband hair elastics. Won't pull out, tangle or damage hair.

£1.95 ex VAT


Comby Solida Hairnet



A selection of best quality multi-purpose hair nets from Solida. This triangular honeycomb hair net has been re-enforced for use under the hairdryer after shampooing. Available in a choice of colours.

£1.60 ex VAT

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Macintyre Water Spray - Coloured



Essential sprayer for your salon.

£2.10 ex VAT


Lion Disposable Process Caps Pk24



Available in one generous size which has plenty of room for hair and rollers; the elasticated headband ensures a secure but comfortable grip.

£3.04 ex VAT


Head-Gear Essentials Magnetic Cutting Collar



This black cutting collar is an essential for every salon.

£7.15 ex VAT


Head-Gear Hair Bands Black Pk100



A pack of 100 great value, essential, thin, black elastic hair bands.

£0.85 ex VAT


Hair Tools Chrome Wall Mounted Dryer Holster


Hair Tools

Chrome dryer holster which can be for right-handed and left-handed use. Suitable for use with most professional Hairdryers. Dryer not included.

£5.00 ex VAT


Hair Tools Spray Can Pink - 250ml


Hair Tools

Durable aluminium Pink water sprayer small (250ml).

£1.99 ex VAT


NXT Tube Key



Tube key to help you get the most out of every tube by squeezing colour up from the bottom. Insert end of tube in to the Tube Key and turn to push the contents from the bottom to the top.

£1.25 ex VAT


Essentials Chair Back Cover - Clear



A clear cover to protect the back of your salon chair when hairdressing.

£3.25 ex VAT

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Shampoo Dispenser Litre



A refillable 1 litre plastic bottle with a pump top to allow for easy dispensing of shampoo products.

£2.30 ex VAT


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