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Metallix Tint Brush - Blue



Metallix Tint Brush - Blue: Black bristled tint brush with a metallic finish. Available in pink or blue. An essential accessory for hair tinting. Long lasting bristle holds and distributes more colour.

£0.92 ex VAT

£0.69 ex VAT


Head-Gear Velcro Rollers - Blue Pk6 (40mm)



This 6 pack of blue rollers are self gripping, fast drying, easy cleaning, better rinsing, perfect neutralising, no pins, no mark, no breakage.

£2.99 ex VAT

£0.99 ex VAT


Crew Menswork Comb - Taper


American Crew

Crew Menswork Comb - Taper

£4.00 ex VAT

£1.50 ex VAT


Goldwell Colorance Lotion Pump



Goldwell Colorance Lotion Pump: Goldwell Depot Pump for Developer Lotion is used to accurately measure developer lotion for precise mixing during hair coloring and color mixing

£9.75 ex VAT

£1.00 ex VAT


Diva Session Roller Kit 25mm Pack 4



Sold in packs of 4 rollers with 4 butterfly clips and 6 pins. The HOTPOD (sold separately) is a revolutionary roller heating system which heats rollers in only 8 seconds.

£19.99 ex VAT

£12.95 ex VAT


Linco M259 Training Head Inc Clamp (up to 46cm)



Brown hair training head, medium density. Hair volume 150gms. Comes with adjustable clamp. Human Hair.

£45.00 ex VAT

£29.95 ex VAT


Sinelco Sibel Black Hair Bands 15mm Pk500



500 black hair bands. 15mm Diameter. Simple and effective, making them perfect for everyday use. Small diameter means a tighter fits for creating bolder styles. A great staple for hair stylists.

£3.68 ex VAT

£2.76 ex VAT


Linco M272 Long Hair Head Only (Up to 50cm)



Linco M272 Long Hair Head Only (Up to 51cm) Long light brown training head, medium density. Hair volume 210gms. Human Hair. Clamp not included. To add clearance clamp see Linco M258 Clamp (code: 489604)

£47.45 ex VAT

£39.95 ex VAT


Ecomony Black Holdall



Small black economy holdall bag. 

£7.20 ex VAT

£6.20 ex VAT


MOP Vent Brush



MOP Vent Brush

£6.06 ex VAT

£2.49 ex VAT


Hair Tools Training Head Clamp


Hair Tools

Hair Tools Training Head Clamp: High quality durable training head clamp to attached to work station/table.

£3.60 ex VAT

£2.70 ex VAT


Macintyre Student Holdall Black



Macintyre Student Holdall Black

£8.95 ex VAT

£6.19 ex VAT


LJ Professional Plastic Roller Pins 250 - Thick



A pack of 250 thick white roller pins.

£5.95 ex VAT

£3.00 ex VAT


Sinelco Sibel Stand By Me Tripod



Height adjustable tripod vice (80 to 120 cm) - perfect stability, stainless steel - including carrying case. (Head not included)

£44.50 ex VAT

£29.95 ex VAT


HairFX Hair ChalkIn Tong - Orange



This revolutionary orange hair chalk tong gives instant colour with no commitment. With colours ranging from vivid to classical, flashy to understated, you truly can let your imagination run wild.

£2.95 ex VAT

£1.99 ex VAT


MOP Cutting Cape



MOP (Modern Organic Products) Cutting Cape

£9.95 ex VAT

£5.00 ex VAT


The Wet Brush Pop Up Fold Brush - Pink


The Wet Brush

Pink: Introducing the first and only professional full size folding detangling brush. Exclusive Intelliflex® bristles are protected when closed. Simply push the button on the back to open for superior detangling.

£6.25 ex VAT

£3.95 ex VAT


Tool Roll Black Leather Look - Large



Large black tool roll. Open: Height=270mm x width=510mm Size, Closed: Height=170mm x width=275mm.

£18.50 ex VAT

£6.95 ex VAT


Corioliss Paddle Brush



Corioliss Paddle Brush

£4.99 ex VAT

£2.95 ex VAT


Head-Gear Slip On 14 Inch 100% Human Hair



Head-Gear Slip On 14 Inch 100% Human Hair - Training hair perfect for college students to practice on. Ideal for salon and college styling and colour training.

£25.30 ex VAT

£9.95 ex VAT


Scunci Barrette Clip



Keep hair securely in place with this brown barrette clip.

£3.45 ex VAT

£1.99 ex VAT


Head-Gear PVC Tinting Apron - Black



A black PVC tinting apron.

£5.15 ex VAT

£2.75 ex VAT


Scunci Vintage Fringe Roll



Create a vintage hair style with this retro fringe roll. Suitable for mid to long hair, lightweight and with a secure hold.

£4.95 ex VAT

£2.59 ex VAT


Tool Roll Black Canvas



Black tool roll, ideal for storing and protecting small items such as scissors and combs.

£13.50 ex VAT

£4.95 ex VAT


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