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Professional Aromatherapy Supplies

Nature’s Way provide an assortment of natural essential oils such as Lavender, Sweet Almond and Eucalyptus to aid your therapeutic session with different benefits to your client's skin.

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Natures Way Chamomile Essential Oil 10ml


Natures Way

To obtain the oil, Chamomile flowers are steam distilled. The most important constituent being chamazulene, whis is soothing and helps reduce inflammation. An excellent oil for use in skin care, particularly for dry and sensitive skins.

£12.15 ex VAT


Natures Way Pepper Black Essential Oil 10ml

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Natures Way

Extracted from pepper corn, it is useful when used in massage to relax tired muscles and import a sensation of well being and warmth.

£5.15 ex VAT

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Natures Way Sweet Almond Carrier Oil 200ml


Natures Way

Obtained from the nut kernal, this is a light, fine, easily absorbed oil, rich in vitamins. It has soothing properties and is particularly beneficial on dry skins.

£4.55 ex VAT


Natures Way Jojoba Carrier Oil 200ml


Natures Way

Expressed from the seed pods of the jojoba shrub. This oil is a fine emollient, high quality oil which spreads easily and helps to soften the skin. Ideal for use on dry sensitive skin.

£11.25 ex VAT


Natures Way Marjoram Essential Oil 10ml


Natures Way

Obtained from Origanum marjorana (herb) through steam distillation. The oil has a soothing warming action.

£4.95 ex VAT


Natures Way Vetivert Aromatherapy Oil 10ml


Natures Way

This has a wonderful effect on the mind and body and is useful to dispel irritability, anger and hysteria, whilst having a balancing effect on the hormonal system.

£8.20 ex VAT

£4.95 ex VAT


Natures Way Thyme Essential Oil 10ml


Natures Way

100% pure thyme essential oil.

£4.20 ex VAT

£2.95 ex VAT


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