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Beauty Tools & Implements

Range of salon beauty tools and implements including tweezers, sponges, spatulas, measuring cups, headbands, cotton buds, disposables and more. Choose from a number of brands such as Tweezerman, Strictly Professional and Haito or our great value for money own brand products which are very popular with our customers. Buy your salon supplies from us today!
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Haito Tool Belt - Black



Adjustable black tool belt to fit all. Contains various pockets and loops to hold a variety of styling equipment.

£6.20 ex VAT


MAD Beauty Soda Pops Lip Balm - Assorted


MAD Beauty

Can you drink our balms and salts? No definitely not. But you can enjoy the 3 different fragrances (Sold Separately - While stocks last) in our soda lip balms or soak in the bath with one of our fizzing bath salts. Perfect stocking filler.

£2.00 ex VAT

£1.05 ex VAT


Tweezerman Slant Tweezer - Midnight Sky

Out of Stock


The perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time with the smoothest, true precision.

£15.75 ex VAT

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EconoSupplies Cleansing Pads Large Pk50



Extremely soft and absorbent round cleansing pads. Strong enough for professional use.

£1.99 ex VAT


Denman Riffi Powder Puff Small 2 Pack



Riffi Powder Puff Small 2 Pack.Stress, an unhealthy diet and pollution are all harmful, especially for sensitive skin. The Riffi high quality make-up sponge is made from latex and helps to soak up the foundation and spread it evenly across the face.

£2.17 ex VAT

£1.63 ex VAT


MAD Beauty Pluckers - Cotton Reel


MAD Beauty

Professional quality tweezers from MAD Beauty in a colourful Cotton Reel design from the Sew range. Perfect stocking filler.

£2.25 ex VAT

£1.95 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Eye Crease Brush


Miss Photogenic

Creating definition and contouring with your eye shadows creates a smouldering make up look. This Brush has long, thin natural bristles and is used to apply mid-tone and darker shades of eye colour.

£3.75 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Slanted Blusher Brush


Miss Photogenic

This Brush has been especially designed with a slanted head to assist with creating that contoured look on the cheeks. This will ensure you create a beautifully sculpted look every time!

£6.25 ex VAT


Sponges Profile Pink


Professional Choice

Sponges Profile Pink

£1.20 ex VAT

£0.80 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Sponge Tip Precision Applicator


Miss Photogenic

Blending your eye shadow so it looks seamless is incredibly important. The Miss Photogenic Sponge Tip Precision tool applies and blends eye make up with maximum precision.

£2.50 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Colour Diffuser Brush


Miss Photogenic

The Miss Photogenic Colour Diffuser Brush is created from a blend of high quality synthetic fibres. This brush is used for buffing and blending colour on the facial skin to make your look seamless and gorgeous.

£6.25 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Eyeliner/Lip Brush


Miss Photogenic

Eyeliner creates the drama of your make up look so you can be as bold or as subtle as you choose with this brush. Lip color adds the finishing touch to your make up look, this brush is also perfect for achieving a flawless lip line.

£3.35 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Foundation Brush


Miss Photogenic

The Miss Photogenic Foundation Brush has been created to ensure that your foundation is applied evenly and not too thickly so we can promise a perfect even coverage.

£6.25 ex VAT


Strictly Professional Tweezer - Jungle Print


Strictly Professional

This classic stainless steel tweezer in leopard print has long-lasting slanted precision tips

£5.65 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Eye Shadow Brush


Miss Photogenic

Eye shadow is a really important part of making your eyes stand out and sparkle. The Miss Photogenic Eye Smudge Brush is flat, short and brimming with fine natural bristles for excellent shadow coverage.

£3.35 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Rounded Smudge Brush


Miss Photogenic

The Miss Photogenic Rounded Smudge Brush ensures you can blend your eye shadows beautifully into the eyelid. Using a rounded smudge brush lets you control how much colour goes where, with minimum mess.

£3.75 ex VAT


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