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Beauty Tools & Implements

Range of salon beauty tools and implements including tweezers, sponges, spatulas, measuring cups, headbands, cotton buds, disposables and more. Choose from a number of brands such as Tweezerman, Strictly Professional and Haito or our great value for money own brand products which are very popular with our customers. Buy your salon supplies from us today!
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Miss Photogenic Sponge Tip Precision Applicator


Miss Photogenic

Blending your eye shadow so it looks seamless is incredibly important. The Miss Photogenic Sponge Tip Precision tool applies and blends eye make up with maximum precision.

£2.50 ex VAT

£1.45 ex VAT


Salon System Marvelbrow Slanted Tweezer



Precision designed, stainless steel, twizzer. The slanted tip allows for precision when plucking hairs.

£6.95 ex VAT


The Edge Glass Dappen Dish With Lid


The Edge

A glass dappen dish for the preparation of nail or beauty treatments prior to application. With lid.

£2.00 ex VAT


StylPro Make-up Brush Cleaner

Out of Stock


The StylPro leaves make up brushes clean and dry - ready to re-use in just 30 seconds! Really simple to use. No more waiting for ages for your brushes to dry after you've cleaned them

£41.00 ex VAT

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Hi Brow Professional Scissors


Hi Brow

Professional quality fine point, curved matt silver scissors. Made from stainless steel so that sterilisation can take place without damage

£5.95 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Colour Diffuser Brush


Miss Photogenic

The Miss Photogenic Colour Diffuser Brush is created from a blend of high quality synthetic fibres. This brush is used for buffing and blending colour on the facial skin to make your look seamless and gorgeous.

£6.25 ex VAT


Salon System Marvelbrow Twizzor



Precision designed, stainless steel, twizzor. Ideal for intricate trimming of gorgeously groomed brows.

£7.95 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Rounded Smudge Brush


Miss Photogenic

The Miss Photogenic Rounded Smudge Brush ensures you can blend your eye shadows beautifully into the eyelid. Using a rounded smudge brush lets you control how much colour goes where, with minimum mess.

£3.75 ex VAT

£2.95 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Slanted Blusher Brush


Miss Photogenic

This Brush has been especially designed with a slanted head to assist with creating that contoured look on the cheeks. This will ensure you create a beautifully sculpted look every time!

£6.25 ex VAT

£4.95 ex VAT


Miss Photogenic Eyeliner/Lip Brush


Miss Photogenic

Eyeliner creates the drama of your make up look so you can be as bold or as subtle as you choose with this brush. Lip color adds the finishing touch to your make up look, this brush is also perfect for achieving a flawless lip line.

£3.35 ex VAT


The Original Make Up Eraser - Pink


Make Up Eraser

The Make Up Eraser removes all make up, including waterproof mascara, with just water. The polyester silk blend cloth is machine washable and can be used up to 1000 times.

£11.50 ex VAT


Capital Disposable Eyeshadow Double Ended Brushes Pk25


Professional Choice

Double Ended: Essential for the hygienic application of powdered eyeshadows. Stops cross infections and results in easier and smoother looking finish. Pack of 25. Easy to use and perfect for professionals.

£1.55 ex VAT


Hive One Tip Cutter

Out of Stock

Awaiting Description...

£7.00 ex VAT

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Strictly Professional Tweezer - Angled Green

Out of Stock

Strictly Professional

This classic stainless steel tweezer in green has long-lasting angled precision tips

£7.05 ex VAT

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