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Cuccio Acrylic Powder 90g
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Cuccio Acrylic Powder 90g

Product code: 175AP90

£19.00 ex VAT
Made by using state of the art technology incorporating the ultra triple sifting process which means the polymer is more refined and micro sized, leaving the powder so easy to sculpt with and 100% bubble free.


Product information

Patented optical enhancers - state of the art technology that produces a more effective acrylic powder, resulting in a clearer, more transparent finished nail. There will also be less filing, which will save the technician time and money! Cuccio Professional Acrylic Powder gives perfect pick up, flawless blending which in turn creates beautiful, sculpted nails.

  • Self Levelling
  • No Lifting
  • Non Yellowing
  • Increased Durability
  • Added Strength

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